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Where Was Invisalign When I Was a Senior in High School?

I attended a blogger event recently where Invisalign made a presentation. They showed off the amazing new technology that they use to straighten teeth without the use of wire braces. You know what I kept thinking? Where was Invisalign when I was a senior in high school!?! I didn't get to take advantage of that new and innovative technology, so my senior year of high school was filled with wire-toothed pictures of me. Did it make my senior year any less awesome? Maybe a tad, but I do have lots of brackety pictures to show for it. Enjoy the throwback shots everyone!

My Senior Year filled with braces

A high schoolers senior year is supposed to be their best yet. A swan song full of good byes to the old and hellos to the new. One senior disappointment of mine was that I had to take the immortal senior pictures with a mouth full of metal.
I was a bit of an over achiever growing up {Surprised? I didn't think so}, so of course I was involved in many things during my high school career. All of which I am super proud of and would encourage any other high schooler to get involved in too. I was privileged to play varsity volleyball all four years of high school, among other sports. I was also in a women's show choir all four years and served as president of the group as a senior. Can you imagine how hard is it to play sports and sing with wires and brackets attached to your teeth?
The best thing that happened to me at the end of high school was I met my hubby the summer before I would be a big bad senior. That meant that we got to go to all my senior dances together! Him, me and my braces! I didn't realize how red my senior year was, that wasn't on purpose.

A New Era for Braces

As much fun as it was to dig up these photos and reminisce with you, I cannot help but be thankful that my son won't have to go through the pain of braces thanks to Invisalign. Like braces, Invisalign may be used by teens and adults, minus the wires and brackets of traditional braces. Invisalign is different, they use a series of nearly invisible, removable “aligners” that are used to gradually straighten teeth without metal or wires.
Thanks to amazing technology, metal braces can be a thing of the past. Invisalign uses 3D imaging and computer science to straighten teeth the same way braces do, but in a subtle and discreet way. Technology used for the greater good, I love it! 

I learned that when using Invisalign, patients often have less ortho visits and possibly a shorter treatment time overall. Also, a great {and potentially bad} thing about them is that they can be removed! Take them off to eat, brush and floss, but that should be it and you have to remember to put them back on.
This is the best illustration I can give you to show that technology is a tool. Use it to organize your home, your family life, and your teeth! If the time comes for my boy to get braces, you can be sure that I will spare him the pain and hassle that I had with traditional braces. Although, because I stopped wearing my retainers, I may need to use it myself! Sigh. Oh well. Good bye wires, hello aligners!

How was your experience with braces? Would you have used Invisalign if they were around when you needed braces? Let's reminisce together in the comments!

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