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Ultimate Blog Party {Small Talk}

Today is a special day for bloggers because it's Ultimate Blog Party day! The twin sisters who run 5 Minutes for Mom host this week-long "party" bringing bloggers of all walks of life together to mingle and find new bloggy friends. This is my second year attending and I am looking forward to meeting new bloggers and winning some awesome prizes! Have you got your drink and h'ordeuvres? Good. Let's chat!

A Bit About Me and Gifts We Use

Hi, I'm Ferly and I'm a mom blogger. 
{and everyone replies, "Hi Ferly."

I write about the things that tickle my fancy: organizing, technology, family life and my adventures in blogging. Keeping your home and family organized takes skill {and sometimes technology}, I hope this blog helps you get there.

The idea for Gifts We Use was born when discovering blogs helped reignite my passion for organizing. Get to know me for more on that story. Being inspired to make a change in my life made me want to pass that feeling on {what I call gifting it forward}. Hence, a blog is born.

What started as my way of creating accountability for myself to declutter my house, evolved into my outlet to inspire and encourage other moms {and dads} to rediscover their gifts and use them to grow, love and serve others.

My Likes

~ Warm weather {I come from a tropical people}.
~ Any well organized space.
~ Multifunctional furniture.
~ Technology that helps to maintain order in my life.
~ Anything a la mode!

My Dislikes

~ Trying to have a conversation over loud music.
~ Dropping my keys when I'm in a hurry.
~ The lower left photo of me {from the collage above}. I'm not asleep, I'm playing with my {at the time} new iPad. See..
This is how hard I work to do research to pass along to all of you! You're welcome.

A Bit of Bragging

What's a party without a good brag, right? While I'm learning and working on the business of blogging, it helps to have a nice pat on the back every once in a while. My biggest pat on the back came with a nomination. Yup, I just went Oscar on y'all. If you read my announcement from a while back, you'll understand why I'm happy to brag about an almost-achievement.

Come and Stay a While

Since I have you here, you might as well stay a while and chat with me! Below are a few places I recommend you start.

To Get to Know Me Better:
~ Read About Me
10 Random Facts about Ferly
Last Year's UBP Post

To Help Get Organized:
Getting my blog critiqued
Blog Planner Weekly Goals Printable
Learn As I Blog series
I love that you came here and look forward to meeting you all! If you leave a comment below, I will respond to your comment and visit your blog to comment as well. Happy Ultimate Blog Party everyone!
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