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Take Control of Technology {Compartmentalize Your Devices & Be More Effective}

Most people have a smart device. More often than not, they have multiple devices. When cloud services came on the scene, it made access to many things available everywhere. Y'all know that I'm a big fan of the cloud, but the more devices I obtain, the more I realize that I don't want to access everything everywhere. Read more to find out why taking control of technology by compartmentalizing my devices makes me more effective.

The Problem with the Cloud

For those that don't know, the cloud is what the techy companies call how multiple devices gain access to shared data like videos, music, documents and more. The cloud's greatest strength is also its greatest weakness, that is, if you are a parent.

I don't just say that to be controversial, I have actually experienced this first hand. For me, having access to everything everywhere just makes for a more distracted mom. More temptation to step out of being present and lowering my head into my device. More opportunities to disregard my son while I check on "something". For all these reasons and more, I have decided to compartmentalize my devices.

Compartmentalizing My Devices

After my mindset shifted and I decided to take control of technology, I began looking at my devices as the tools that they are. I released my dependence on them to notify me of non-urgent matters, I set boundaries for myself, and I am assigning my devices jobs.

My iPhone is my mobile mom office. I get my calls, emails, social media other mommy tasks done there. I still have access to my blog emails and social outlets, but I have turned off those notifications so I am not tempted to dive in. My phone is primarily for personal use and seldom blog use.

My iPad is my casual bloggy office. I read blogs, research, network, and do light work there. Rough drafts of blog posts, printables and some brainstorming happen when I'm on my iPad. My iPad is primarily for casual work, networking and occasional blog use.

My Mac is my get-to-work machine. I develop, plan, write, format and do heavy work there. I also do heavier networking on my Mac where it is easier to type a lot of text. So I use this for participating in forums, commenting and the like. My Mac is primarily for heavy blog work, and occasional personal use.

A Place for Everything

Just because I have compartmentalized my devices doesn't mean that I don't take advantage of the cloud. I still have all my social media and certain documents available on multiple devices, but the difference is that I choose to use certain things more than others depending on the device that I am on.

As a mom, I have to have games and videos on all my devices. It's just a fact of life and it is just easier to have it that way. I do pick and choose what goes where and what it repeated. Just because you can have it everywhere, doesn't mean you should.

Everything in its Place

The most important reason that I compartmentalize my devices is so that everything is in its place. Clutter free. Things are in order because I have set my priorities, drawn my boundaries and utilized technology to work for me, not against me.
If I may challenge you to do anything in terms of technology, I challenge you to control it in your life. Being more effective in your world means that you keep distractions under control. Being more effective means that you are present in the moment. Being more effective means that you are giving your best to whatever is in front of you, be it faith, family, work, study or service.

What has been your biggest take away from this Take Control of Technology series? What are you going to change after reading this? I would love to know so I can pray for those things over your life. Please share them in the comments.
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