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Take Control of Technology {The Timer, An Oldie but Goodie}

This post is as much for myself as it is for all of you. Often, I find myself going to check something on my phone "real quick". Next thing I know, "real quick" turns into 2 hours of non-productive time gone by, real quick. The answer to this problem seems so simple. Set a timer. Somehow, I always seem to convince myself that since I'll be real quick, I don't need to set a timer. It.rarely.happens.that.way. This week's Take Control of Technology post will challenge us all {myself included} to set the timer on techy time eaters.

Do You Need a Timer? Yeah, Me Too

In my previous post, I talked about how "death by notification" can pull us away from our families and responsibilities. This post will focus on a simple and practical way to reel us back in and help us to get on with our day.

Since we've already silenced our devices and limited sounds and notifications to key people and apps {have you done that?}, and set aside tech time throughout our day, now we need to set boundaries for ourselves by setting a timer or alarm to stop us when tech time is done.

What I Need to Time

I work a lot on our computer for different reasons, some are personal, some is my blog work and other times it is for serving in my mom group at church. No matter what I am doing, I always seem to loose track of time because I am fully immersed in whatever it is that I am doing. Are you the same way? I thought so.

To give you an idea of where I struggle to pull myself away, here are some of the things I need to start setting timing boundaries around. May this list get you thinking about your own habits so you can take necessary steps to take control of your technology.

I need to limit my time spent on...
~ Facebook and other social media
~ Email writing and responding
~ Blog post writing
~ Blog site development
~ Networking
~ Research
~ Watching TV

I'm sure there are more areas of my life that could use a good timer, but this is what I thought of off the top of my head.

Timers Are Not Just For Tech Time

Do you get lost in your favorite book or magazine? Maybe you loose yourself in your cleaning duties and forget about eating, drinking water or preparing family dinner. A timer will work for all those times as well! But don't think of your day as being controlled by a timer, think of it as you taking control of your day with a timer as your tool.
What's the moral of today? Know yourself well enough to know what aspects of your day need to be timed and use a timer! Just to make sure, do not allow yourself to even open up your device without first knowing how long you will be on it. Then, when the timer goes off, stop. It will be hard and you will want to set the timer again. Don't. Take control of technology and put it down so you can get on with your day and make the most of your time. Remember, I am talking just as much to myself in this post is I am to all of you. Let's do this together y'all!

What do you need a timer for? Have you talked yourself out of timing or resetting the timer? Confess in the comments. I promise, there is no judgement here!
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