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Supply Zone for the Home Office

Today I am continuing my series on zones in the home office. The zone I'd like to highlight is about desktop supplies and how they fit into my home office workflow. Home office supplies can require a bit of real estate, so you have to have the right tools to make it work. My home office is cozy {code for small}, so I needed to be especially mindful of how I use my space to keep desktop supplies handy.

Office supplies to keep handy

There a office supplies that can live in filing cabinets and drawers that are seldom used, then there are the office supplies that you find yourself reaching for more often. Theses are the items I call desktop essentials.

My desktop essentials include:

  • Writing tools {pens and pencils}
  • Cutting tools {scissors, staple remover, exacto knife}
  • Stationary {mostly blank thank you cards and note pads}
  • Small binding tools {paper clips, push pins, binder clips, etc.}
  • Extra copy paper for the printer
  • Larger binding tools {stapler, tape dispenser, etc.}

With all the random supplies that I needed to keep by my side {and fit into a square cubby-like space}, I needed a system that was well thought out, cute and fairly inexpensive.

The right tools for the space

I've been a big admirer of the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery line at Staples since it was first released. I use her horizontal and vertical file folders in my office {yes vertical file folders!}, and would love to implement more of her line into my home office!

The Stack+Fit Desk accessories were the perfect system to bring my randomness together in a clean, organized and pretty way! I love that there are a multitude of pieces that can be used in different ways, and that they all stack and fit together to make one uniform organized piece!

Separate but equal

For my needs, I wanted pieces that would create a tiered look when put together and I knew that I wanted most of the system to have hidden storage. Let's take a look at what I put together with this line.

I used a sectioned organizer to hold my stationary and writing tools so they would be within arms reach when needed.
I snagged a small organizer with a lid to house small binding tools and keep them hidden from prying preschooler eyes.
Finally, I utilized an inbox drawer and tray unit for larger binding items that I didn't want cluttering my desktop and to keep extra paper for the printer nearby.
Each piece serves it function well and the fact that they are all meant to go together makes my heart overflow with organizational giddiness. Is that just me? {wink}

Enjoying the gift of organization

Now that you've seen how I used each piece on its own, take a gander at how I put them together.
In all its tiered beauty, those three separate pieces stacked and fit together marvelously! It took all my randomness and created order while efficiently using prime real estate to corral potentially massive clutter.
Organizing home office supplies doesn't have to be hard {or look cold}. With brands like Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery, you can achieve an organized look with a warm feel to make your home office feel more like home and less like corporate America. This is not a sponsored post! This is what I found for my house to suit our needs best. The whole system together cost me under $40 retail and I used a coupon and my Staples rewards to pack more bang for my buck. Gift!

Has my organizing helped to inspire you to get your own home in shape? Please take a moment to leave a comment. I read and respond to each one!
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