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Get Your Sverve On

I have been working hard on building my blogger resume because I want to make blogging my career by working with brands. The most difficult thing for a newer blogger to do is get noticed by big brands. Ad networks were created to sort of bridge the gap between blogger and brand. I am here to share with you my discovery of Sverve! Sverve does for bloggers what Pinterest does for readers, plus much more. If you're not a blogger, stick around, Sverve is here for you too!

What is Sverve?

Take "social" and "verve", shake well and you have Sverve. More than just a play on words, Sverve strives to bring content creators and social influencers {that's you bloggers!} into the eye sight of brands who want a greater reach.

Sverve takes the brilliant layout Pinterest has, combines it with the "like" aspect of Facebook, then swirls in ad networking for bloggers. From that, readers get relevant content, bloggers build influence through reader endorsements, and advertisers get their message out through bloggers with extended reach.

Who uses Sverve?

Readers use Sverve to find fresh content. If you're tired of the Pinterest scene, but love getting information, check out Sverve. With categories like Family & Parenting, Kids Activities, and Home & Craft, it's a site that is sure to catch on quick with readers.

Bloggers can use their content and add it to Sverve for readers to find, just as they would with Pinterest. The difference is that you choose a category within the Sverve category list instead of creating your own "pin board". I like this because it cleans up the messiness of improper pinning that we all deal with from Pinterest.

Brands use Sverve to get to know bloggers and begin relationships. Many campaigns are exclusive to Sverve users which gives bloggers an edge. This list of opportunities is updated constantly and there is something for every niche.

How I Use Sverve

I recently tweeted:
That is a true statement. I am a member of several ad networks, have signed up multiple lists for paid opportunities, but nothing has given me the engagement that I have gotten with Sverve! When I apply for a campaign through Sverve, the response is timely and the work begins. With some of my other networks, I apply and rarely hear back at all.

If you are a blogger who is trying to take your blogging to the next level, I highly recommend Sverve!

Invitation to Join Me

Readers and bloggers alike will enjoy using Sverve to find awesome content, active engagement and untainted community. Sverve seeks out Mom Bloggers to share their content, so you know that what you're getting is as good as a mom can bring.
If you're a reader, I invite you to sign up for Sverve and endorse me in one or more of my chosen areas of influence. Simply click on the button below or click here to endorse me. Reader endorsements help me build credibility in the blog community and helps you to find other quality bloggers to follow.
If you're a serious blogger, I urge you to get set up on Sverve and humbly request that you do so using my special invitation. As I gift forward what Sverve has done for me, I hope that you will gift me by using my link. Yes, I get a couple of bucks for it, but what you get in return will far be greater.
Sign up for Sverve today!
I've learned that in life, I need to remain a student. A student of my family and of my chosen endeavor. Part of that means learning about new ways to build my resume through several networks. I can tell you from personal experience that my short time with Sverve has been well worth it. It's no get rich quick remedy, it's a way to get work. The gift in this? I am able to get work through Sverve.

Is this the first time you've heard of Sverve? Ready to get your Sverve on? Let me know in the comments!
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.
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