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A Not-So-Secret Way to Reduce Your Comment Spam

I wanted to pop in really quick with a blogger tip because I have experienced a significant reduction in my spam comments. This simple and effective way to reduce spam has nothing to do with CAPTCHA! If you use CAPTCHA, for the love, please remove it!!! This super easy tip will make all the difference. It's a no brainer.

The pain of spam comments

Bloggers of any length of time know the aches and pains of comment spam. And, if you receive an email once a comment has been submitted, heaven help your inbox. That's how it was for me.

On the day a new post would go live, I would receive many email notifications. Good right? Not if 99% of those comments were spam! At its worst, I had almost 150 emails with comment spam!!! UGH!

How I Went from 150 Spam Comments to under 40

The simple and powerful way that I reduced my spam comments is...are you ready for it? By moderating all my comments! What comment moderation did was keep any comment off the site until it was seen and approved by yours truly. So simple, right?

Another important thing that I did was to remove my email notification on comments. Why? Because I'm trying to live a clutter free life, and because I know myself. Every time I would get an email with a new comment, I would be tempted to respond at that very moment. What happens then is a downward spiral into my device that will trap me for who knows how long. I turned it off.

The Hidden Joy of Comment Moderation

Since I have started moderating my comments and turned off my email notification, I have noticed  something that I wasn't expecting. My blogging workflow is much better! How? Because I deal with comments all at once instead of randomly throughout my day.

When I have set time aside just to moderate and reply to comments, it's done when it's done. I'm not always "on" so to speak. For me it was a boundary that was set unintentionally, but an important boundary to have as a mom blogger. Notice: the Mom comes before the Blogger.
Nothing terribly spectacular or life changing in this tip, or is there? If I am better able to draw lines in my life when it comes to my work and my family, I think that is a good day. A simple way to organize my work and keep me from having to go through deleting stacks and stacks of junky emails full of spam. Excuse me Sir, but I only like spam in my sushi. Thanks!

Are you bombarded by comment spam? Have you tried to moderate comments and eliminate email notification? Try it. I will change your bloggy life!
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