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5 Ways to Organize Using Scrapbook Paper

When it comes to getting creative and crafty, I tend to lean on the creative-with-intent-to-organize side of me. It's how I bring the two sides of my brain together. I try to be creative with my hands, but being left handed doesn't make for easy cutting. But I do still try. If you follow me on Instagram, you will find that I tried my hand at crafting over the weekend. I will reveal the finished product once it's hung. Today, I will share the ways I have organized around the home in creative ways, using a scrapbook paper pack.

{1} Create Expanding Envelopes for filing receipts

By far my most popular "craft" is my Expanding Envelope. They are great for keeping small categories of receipts neatly filed in an interior file folder and expand to make room for lots of receipts.

{2} Label Storage Bins of Kids Clothes

This was a no brainer craft for me because I didn't have to do anything to the scrapbook paper, except paste my label on top. A 12x12 sheet was the perfect size to cover the front of my storage bins so I can easily organize my son's hand me down clothes.

{3} Dress Up Plain Binders for Ongoing Projects

I love a good sale and when office supplies are 50% off as they often are at Staples {my favorite office store}, I have to snag then. Sadly, I also have to live with the fact that they are only plain white. Never fear, scrapbook paper is here! A little trimming here and a snip there and my inexpensive, quality binders are pretty and coordinated {because they all came from the same paper pack}. My project zone is functional, organized, and cute! Gift!

{4} Control Your Cash Budget with Wallet Dividers

This craft I spent a lot of time figuring out for us all. I wanted it to be easy to follow, easy to use and easy to print. Out of all my crafty organizing, the wallet dividers are my favorite. I still have them in my wallet today and am finding that laminating them is a must to keep them sturdy.

{5} Make Dividers for filing lots of receipts

You may be thinking you are experiencing deja vu, but you're not. After using my expanding envelopes for my receipt filing, I found that I filled certain categories up really fast! I needed to update my system and pinned this simple, but brilliant idea. I'll share the details in a post to come, but here's a sneaky peeky for you!
Crafting scares me. It scares me because there is so much stuff that comes with it, but when I harness the power of crafting and use it for organizing, it's a win win for me! If you are not gifted in the area of organization, find someone {me!} who is and let them {me} show you how you can tap into your organized side. I needed the help of my crafty friends to bring out the creativity in me. I was stretched, challenged and overwhelmed, but at the end of the day, I went home with something beautiful. You can do it too!

Are you crafty for the sake of organization? Or are you organized for the sake of being crafty? Share your gift in the comments!
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