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Organizing a Family Craft {Our Family Tree}

Our family recently entered a new season in life, we have entered the world of preschool. Preschoolers do not have daily homework, but since Valentine's day we have had monthly family projects. I like the idea of getting the family involved and it forces me to be crafty {which I am not}. This month, we were assigned The Family Tree. Oh those family trees. With all the mountains of paper that come home, this one paper about the project was buried until the weekend before it was due. Yikes! We needed a plan, stat! Luckily we're pretty good under pressure and were able to come up with a plan quickly. Here's how we organized our Family Tree.

Keeping it Simple

Simple was the name of our game. No flow charts or photo cut outs for us. With little time and an even littler preschooler attention span, this project needed to pack as much punch as possible. Our supplies consisted of poster board, construction paper, art supplies, scissors and glue. I wanted to make our family tree colorful and fun, so I precut leaves out of construction paper in varying sizes. Simple shapes, simple colors, simple sizes. Even a non-crafter like me can handle this!

Utilizing Family Talent

Thank God my hubby has a thing for drawing because his work was the heart of the project! I found a great tree template from none other than Pinterest, and hub-bub was able to magically draw and color it onto our poster board.
I planned the morning so that while my son was playing and watching his favorite shows, the hubs and I were busy drawing, coloring and cutting. By the time we were ready for our preschooler to participate every piece would be ready and waiting for him.

Easy Enough for a Preschooler

For our project, each leaf represented a family member and family unit. To help it all make sense to our preschooler, I decided to utilize our family picture book so he could associate each leaf with each family member. It was a way for him to make a tangible connection to how our family tree came together.

Putting it all Together

Once the tree was done and all the leaves were made and ready for plucking, we cleared our coffee table and focused all our attention on the family tree. It was a great way for us to go over how our family members are related. Our son had fun plucking the leaves off each page and gluing it onto the tree with the help of Mommy and Daddy.
Look at that cute little hand holding the leaves! So precious! Once we got a few out, we decided to start gluing and placing as we went. There was no rhyme or reason with our placement on the tree either. I didn't want to put too many constraints on the project. It needed to be as free flowing as possible to keep it fun. In the end, I think it turned out wonderfully!
This was a fun way to help our preschooler understand our family and a creative way to spend our morning together. I love that each of us played a significant role in making this piece. It really is like a family, though we are many individual parts, when put together, we create something beautiful {even if we are a little kooky}. I still say I'm not crafty, but it's a gift that I'm learning to cultivate little by little.

Did you do a family project lately? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!
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