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Gifts You Use {Quick & Easy Awesomely Sweet Easter Treats}

I am super excited to introduce Jennifer from PinkWhen! She is a sweetheart and I have asked her to share her crafty cooking skills with you and get you in the Easter mood! These little treats are so cute and easy, I think even I could do them. Check it out y'all.
My name is Jennifer and I am visiting from PinkWhen. What is PinkWhen you might ask? It is a blog that is dedicated to all things crafty, creative, and recipes that are yummy to eat. I am so excited to be guest posting here at GiftsWeUse! For a special Easter treat, I have put together a couple of my FAVORITE Easter snack recipes for you and your little ones to try. I hope you like them!

Let’s get started! These are not only super easy, but also super yummy. For these two recipes we are going to do Easter Cookie Nests and Smeeps!

Gather your supplies:

  • Graham crackers
  • Peeps
  • Chocolate bars
  • Sugar cookies
  • Green cupcake icing (in a can)
  • Chocolate eggs

How to make Easter Cookie Nest:

Bake your Sugar Cookies as directed and let cool.
Once your cookies have cooled, add your green cupcake frosting to the top of your cookies. I used the ‘star tip’ as to create a grassy looking birds nest.
After you have added your frosting, grab some of those chocolate eggs and pile them into the new nest.
Finish making your Easter Cookie Nests and serve immediately for freshness. If not serving immediately, make sure you place them in a covered dish to keep them moist.

How to make Smeeps:

Smeeps are easy and fun! Everyone loves Smores, so how about some Easter Smeeps! (Smores + Peeps)

Grab your graham crackers and separate them into perfect squares.
Once you have your squares, take your chocolate bars and layer it on top on the graham cracker.
Take your peeps and press them down so they will flatten out.
After flattening, layer the peep onto the chocolate.
Add the final graham cracker layer, and you have an Easter Smeep!
I hope you have enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial for some awesomely sweet Easter treats! Thank you for taking the time to visit, and let me know how your treats turn out!

Jennifer – www.PinkWhen.com

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