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Using an Online Calendar for Time Management

One of my major goals for living a clutter free life is to manage my time better. Time management is important for anyone, but as a mom, it is crucial because it is not just my own life that I need to tend to, but also the life of my family and household. Read on for some helpful time management tips and my techy spin using an online calendar to make better use of time.

Importance of Time Management for Moms

Moms wear many hats to say the least. Whether you are a working mom, stay at home, work at home, single or married, there is so much to do in only a set amount of time. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 12 months per year. That's it. Having limited time should not make you feel pressured to do it all, instead, it should drive you to do only what matters to you and your family. That's management.

Making sure our goals and priorities are in the proper place is the first step in making wise time management decisions. Think about each hat you have to wear in life and what needs to be done wearing that hat. Once you've determined that, prioritize your need-to-dos and want-to-dos accordingly on a weekly calendar. This is where my techy side wants to come out and play.

Why I Use an Online Calendar to Plot My Weekly Schedule

Some things I do, like brainstorming, are better suited for pen and paper, but when it comes to arranging a schedule, I let my techy juices flow on an online calendar. I use the iCalendar on my computer which syncs to my iPhone, iPad and even our PC laptop through Outlook. All of these calendars are accessible anytime and from anywhere, even on the internet.

Beside the accessibility factor, I love how easily I can rearrange events on an online calendar as opposed to writing and rewriting events that happen on a regular basis. While working on my updated weekly schedule, if I don't like the way I've set up my week, I can easily move things around as needed. It's clean and instant.

For those of you who are visual creatures, color coding with an online calendar is another fun and fancy tool to use if you want to see how well you've spread yourself. You could have a different color for each of the hats you wear {self, wife, mom, work, etc.}, in the same way that I use different calendars for my family. When you have completed your weekly schedule, you'll be able to see the balance {or imbalance} of time scheduled and adjust what you need. Here's a sneak peek at my week {stay tuned for a more detailed post on my typical day to come later}.

A Gift for You {Some Time Management Resources}

If you're a bit overwhelmed at the thought of managing your time, fear not! I am here to get you started! I have some free printables that can guide you through the internal process of time management. My Family 5 Year Plan will get you looking at your big picture goals, so you can move ahead with the end in mind. My Priority Pyramid will help you to think about the correlation between your priorities and time.

If you are looking for a more detailed step by step approach to time management, I highly recommend Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews. I recently read this ebook and found it to be super useful to me and she also provides her own set of printables to go along with her ebook.
Organizing time is much the same as organizing space. Make room for what's important, label your categories, accessorize tastefully and cut out the clutter. You'll notice there is open space on my weekly schedule, that is intentional. Those open cushions of time allow me to be flexible if something comes up in my day and I need so pull a switcheroo. Having a weekly schedule is not meant to be confining, but if done properly {from the inside out}, it creates a filter for important things to come in and unimportant things to stay out.

What do you use to arrange your weekly schedule? If you've tried other methods without success, try using an online calendar. Also, I'd love to know what you think of the resources I give you in the comments!
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