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Tutorial: How to Turn Off Shared iPhone Calendar Alerts

Technology has made it super easy to be able to share calendars through services like iCloud and the like, but a friend of mine recently asked how to turn off her hubby's calendar alerts so she doesn't get them. It's great to know how his week looks, but she doesn't want to be reminded every time he has to make a conference call. Here's a tutorial on how to turn off shared iPhone calendar alerts so you can still stay informed, while avoiding unnecessary alerts.
Techy Tutorial: How to Turn off Shared iPhone Calendar Alerts

Some Assumptions

I will walk you through the process step by step as my hubby shares his calendar with me. Below are a few assumptions that you should meet to make the most use of this techy tutorial:
  • My hubby and I both use Apple devices.
  • My hubby and I both sync our calendars on iCloud.
  • We both are using the same Apple ID, but this is not required as long as you can obtain a link to your calendar.
If you don't meet this criteria, but want to know more, read my post on the Best Way for Families to use iCloud. See how your family can use technology to stay organized!

Sharing Calendars

First, the hubs needs to "broadcast" his calendar using the broadcast button on iCloud.com or on the calendar application on a Mac.
Share iPhone Calendar
Once he adds my email and clicks "done", I will get and email with a link to his calendar. I want to copy the link in the email, and not click the button provided because I want to paste the link in later. If you're on the computer, right click to copy the link, or tap and hold if checking the email from an iPhone or iPad.
Join Shared iPhone Calendar

Adding Shared Calendar

Now that the link is copied, I can add the hubby's calendar to my iPhone through the settings.
Tutorial: Adding Shared iPhone Calendar without Alerts
  1. On iOS mobile device, start at Settings, then go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Add Account under Accounts
  3. Select Other
  4. Add Subscribed Calendar
  5. Paste link from email into Server and tap Next, then create a Description name such as "Hubby's Calendar". Ensure that you set Remove Alarms to ON.
  6. Open Calendar app, tap Calendars on the top right, then add subscribed calendar
You did it! Now you have all the info that you need without the alerts you don't!
This was a bit technical, but I hope that it was easy enough to follow and gets you to the end result of taming technology to work for you {and not the other way around}. My favorite part about using technology to stay organized is that I am in control and I love when I can shout, "I'm smarter than the machine!" Now you can be too with this tutorial! Gift!

Do you have a techy organizing question that's been bugging you? What to know if there's a techy solution to an organization problem you have? Ask away!
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