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Project Zone for the Home Office

As I continue my journey to clutter free, I want to share with you how I have organized my home office. I started with my post on Ideas for Organizing Workflow in a Home Office where I shared about the different zones a home office should have {regardless of size}. Now let's take a closer look into the Project Zone. The project zone is the meat and potatoes of the home office. I will share how to maximize productivity and order by using some simple everyday office supplies.

What is the Project Zone?

Just as the name suggests, the project zone is where all your fun and necessary projects live and breathe {and not all spread out on the desk}. The project zone is what brings you to the home office in the first place, it is the work that needs to be done.

What houses a Project Zone?

What I love about office supplies is that they are so versatile. The same organizer can be used for many different purposes depending on your style and design. The size of your home office will determine what will house your project zone.

For a smaller office, desk space is a premium so using a wall file or binders can be a great way to keep your projects together and off of the desk when not in use.

For a medium sized office, stacking trays or tiered sorters paired with file folders work well and keep everything visible yet orderly.

For a larger office, an entire shelf or armoire can open up to reveal a beautiful project zone with any combination of organizers. The hardcore crafters have this down pat.
To bring it down to earth for the rest of us, here is what houses my project zone, stacking trays and binders. Clean, simple, inexpensive, and best of all, clutter free.

What does a Project Zone consist of?

Project zones will vary from home to home, so I will share how I use my project zone and hopefully get your wheels turning on how you can organize your own. For my project zone, I have long term projects that live in stacking trays and on going projects that live in binders.

My long term projects are made up of new projects that need to be organized, and unfinished projects that are in progress and set aside to work on later. I love that the stacking trays provide lots of room to pile each piece of my project, yet at the same time keeps multiple projects separated.

My ongoing projects consist mostly of my planning binders like my household binder and blog planner to name a few. I love that they are all together happily waiting for me to pull one out and play {or work, how ever you want to see it}.

Why does a Project Zone work?

I love having a project zone in my home office because...

  • It keeps my desk clutter free. Instead of having stacks and stacks of paper spread out on the desk, I can separate projects into stacking trays. 
  • It will help avoid distraction. Sometimes multi-tasking can be counter productive, as in planning and brainstorming, so tasks that require my full concentration get just that while the others wait their turn in their happy home.
  • Even though distractions happen, putting away projects in their happy place for a later time puts my heart and mind at ease allowing me to tend to my family when duty calls; then I can pick up right where I left off.
  • Look how pretty things are when they are stacked and grouped together!

Most people have a project zone in their home office even if they don't realize it. Check out yours today and ask yourself these questions: Where do I put the work that needs to be done? Is is spread out throughout the office or is it grouped together? Is there a spot to combine all my projects into one or two designated spaces? By asking those questions, it will get you thinking about organization from the inside out and make lasting and positive change in your home office life. Who knows, you might even want to work in there from now on! Gift!

Did this get you thinking about your home office? What corrections can you make that will impact yours for the better? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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