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Ebook Review {SEO for Creative Bloggers}

One of my bloggy goals for the new year is to become more acquainted with and implement SEO {Search Engine Optimization} into my writing. The topic of SEO can be overwhelming and intimidating for sure. I had to scrape my jaw off of the floor as I began to research the topic! Thankfully there are great bloggers out there who care enough to make SEO relatable and understandable to creative bloggers on a semi non-technical level. Enter Court Tuttle and his ebook, SEO for Creative Bloggers.

How I found Court Tuttle

Three successful bloggers got together to have a series of google+ hangouts with different newbie bloggers to answer their bloggy questions and give priceless pearls of bloggy wisdom! After watching the first hangout, I was hooked! Needless to say, I followed and signed up for everything that I could after that hangout.

When I received an email on a post that Court had written, the link didn't work for me, so I replied to the email in hopes for a proper link. I didn't expect a reply until days or weeks later, but imagine my surprise when I received a reply within minutes! I was impressed with Court's timely, personal and genuine response to my little ol' email. I haven't seen much of that with bigger bloggers.

Still feeling overwhelmed at the thought of SEO, Court sent me a copy of his ebook and my eyes were opened!

What I loved about SEO for Creative Bloggers

Court took the most effective technique in SEO {keyword integration} and watered it down enough for me that it only adds a few minutes to my normal writing process while still making an impact. The way that he framed up SEO and how it can benefit bloggers in the creative niche made it easy to understand, as well as easy to apply to my current process.

Another thing I enjoyed about this ebook is that he went beyond the realm of SEO and into the networking and technical aspects of blogging that not many successful bloggers talk about. From building relationships with other bloggers to effective link structure and strengthening old posts, this ebook is very well rounded in what it covers. And it's all wrapped up in less than 30 pages!

The one thing that stood out most to me while reading the book is how he continually makes himself available to his readers who have questions. He literally gives you his direct email multiple times throughout the book. I can tell you from experience that he really is there to help with your questions!

Go get it!

Enough out of me, if this review hasn't been enough to get you to click over and download a copy of SEO for Creative Bloggers, maybe this will...it's freeeee! Gift!!!

Click here to get SEO for Creative Bloggers

Happy blogging my blogger friends and I hope you learn something new from Court's ebook {no matter how long you've been a blogger}.
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