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My Journey to Clutter Free {2012 in Review}

This year marked the beginning of my journey to a clutter free home and life. I began this blog so that I could get my act together and figure out this thing called motherhood, moreover, stay at home motherhood. My life was happy and fulfilling, but it was also cluttered chaos. I'll take you through my journey from this year and launch us into a new year with hope and inspiration to face next year confidently head on!

Before I was Mommy...
I could go to sleep when I wanted.
I could dress up or down to go to the office.
I could shower every.single.day.
I could eat out and not give it a second thought.
I could spend an entire work week devoted to organizing a resource room {prego nesting bliss!}.
I could call every night "date night".

Now that I am Mommy...
There's hardly a minute I can call my own.
Showers are a privilege.
Laundry doesn't get sorted before going in the wash.
My body was used as a vehicle to a miracle.
Life is seen through fresh new eyes.
Playtime is quality time.

Motherhood is a funny thing. It changed my life for good. It brought out the best version of me and drives me to get my act together.

Remembering the Chaos
For those who are just tuning into this blog, this is the chaos that I found myself in just one year ago. It became my tactical mission, Operation Clean House.
That is why I needed to get my act together. I had a baby boy to take care of, a house to keep up, a family to help run, not to mention our life outside the walls of that house with family and friends. I was feeling my walls closing in on me, then I discovered blogworld. That single discovery has changed my life in such a way that bridged who I was before and after kids.

A Journey in Progress
Little by little I began to transform my home into what it was prior to my son's arrival. Take a quick journey into my humble beginnings.

The Pantry Palooza
The Bathroom Boom
The Drop Zone
From Closet to Office
Organizing Hand Me Down Clothes
When one space was finished, it motivated me to move on to the next space and before I knew it, I was blogging on a regular basis and the clutter in our house was subsiding. What do you think happened when nearly all my space got organized? We moved.

Now in a way I'm practically starting all over again, but I do have the many organized spaces from before to give me a firm foundation to move forward. My journey to being clutter free was well on its way, then something else happened that I didn't expect.

Getting my house in order was one thing, but taking on a project like blogging is something that most people aren't fully prepared for, myself included. I would organize, write, post and then read OPB {other people's blogs}. This went on for months. All along I knew this blog wasn't just for me, but in my very early months of blogging, I found my calling to develop others through this blog.

Sharing how I organize my house turned into sharing how I use technology to organize my life, which turned into sharing how I organize my blogging. Every step of my learning in these areas of my life has prompted me to gift it forward to you, my friends. If I can help make one person's life easier by sharing what I learned, then all this work is well worth the effort.

Today I can see the evolution of my blog heading in an even deeper level of self discovery. I've said here time and again that organizing comes from the inside out and I hope to give you that gift of self discovery in the year to come.

Coming Up Next
Although organizing comes naturally for me, it has been refined through the years by many different sources. I want you to feel like you can harness the same power within your self and use those gifts to serve your loved ones.

Some of the topics I have bubbling for the upcoming year include...
Discovering your strengths
A day in my shoes
Mapping out your time
Organizing the paper trail
More bloggy learnings
More organizing and techy awesomeness!
A clutter free house and life is an ongoing journey for us all. This year has been therapeutic, invigorating, challenging and amazing! I have all of you to thank for that. Thank you for allowing me to be me. Thank you for using my printables. Thank you for the gift of speaking into your life. One year into this journey and I feel as much inspiration to go on as I did when I began. Gift!

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