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Blog Planner Weekly Goals & Printable

I am thrilled to have seen much success with my Blog Planner printables since its release. As important as it is to stay ahead by planning blog posts with an editorial calendar and blog post worksheet, getting through other long and short term bloggy goals on an ongoing basis is important too. I'm here to share with you my newest method of prioritizing and planning blog tasks with my Blog Planner Weekly Goals!
Why Have Weekly Goals?
As I become more and more serious about blogging, I find that I need to be more structured in how I execute tasks to make the most of the time that I have to blog. Here are some reasons I decided to create weekly goals:
  • Because blogging entails so much. Whether you are a rookie or veteran blogger, there is a lot to do in order to run a blog. The reality is that the list never really gets shorter, in fact, it is just the opposite in most cases.
  • Because time is limited. Blogger is never the only "hat" we wear in life. As much as some would love to blog all day and night, time to get other things done competes with blog time, so time efficiency is key.
  • Because sometimes a month is too much. Having a monthly outlook is good, but I often find that monthly steps to bloggy goals is too steep and I need to break up my goals and tasks into manageable pieces and spread them out week by week.
How to use the Weekly Goals
Here is a peek at my weekly goals {I have greyed out the planner so you can see how I use it}.
Follow these steps when filling out the Weekly Goals:
  1. List out goals in each category {or carry over goals from a previous week}.
  2. Lay out blog posts on the weekly calendar.
  3. Decide which blog category{ies} to work on each day of the week.
  4. Optional: Designate a time limit to work on each category and set a timer for yourself.
  5. Whistle while you work, hum a merry tune or do whatever it is you do to increase productivity!
  • Week at a glance: Lay out posts and events for the week {in blue} to help plan next steps and create your workload. Then spread out your goal categories throughout your week {in pink}.
  • Plan: Consolidate your supply list for the week and get everything at once, or use this to brainstorm your next project.
  • Research: Shop for the best fabric, read up on that topic to reference in your next post and do whatever homework you need for an upcoming post.
  • Write: This may be a task that is repeating daily or done two or three times in a week depending on how productive and creative you are feeling. You may even get to write a whole week's worth of posts in one night! One can dream, right?! {wink}
  • Promote: Another category that can be done quickly each day or done all at once for the whole week. Do what works best for your work style.
  • Develop: This is your bloggy dream list to develop your blog into the best that it can be. There may be lots you want to do, or just one thing that you've been meaning to do for a while. List it here and finally get it done!
  • Network: A very important piece that often goes ignored or over used. I know that when I start socializing with my favorite blogs, I could easily spend two hours going from one facebook page to another tweet and then I've lost my whole plan for the day! Setting a specific time aside to network will hopefully keep the networking in check. Setting a timer for yourself will help too!
  • Support: This is another important piece that could also work to promote your own blog and network with other bloggers, but I felt it was important to call out because all bloggers need support from other bloggers by way of commenting, sharing other blogger's posts through your own social outlets, and maybe even email another blogger personally to encourage them {also networking!}.
  • Train: The most important for new bloggers is the self training piece! That has been the key to my learnings this year. But I spent a lot of time learning and researching, maybe too much. Spending too much time on the training piece can contribute to blogger burnout. Failing to make training a priority can leave you in the bloggy dust and behind on the latest and greatest tools and techniques.
The key to working with Weekly Goals is to have a set amount of time each day to accomplish your weekly goals and then choosing which goals work best with the way you work based on what your week looks like. I love the flexibility of this because I determine how much or how little my workload is, and each week will look different, but the goals are pretty much the same.

A Gift for You!
Now it's time to take your big bloggy dreams by the horns, break them apart and actually accomplish them by using the Blog Planner Weekly Goals printable! My gift to you.

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I'm a firm believer that planning is critical to success. Using the Weekly Goals, I hope that you are able to accomplish all the bloggy greatness that lies ahead of you. May this make your love for blogging a bit easier and more tangible so that you can use your gifts to bless others who need encouragement and inspiration.
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