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My Organized Bible & a Giveaway!

No job is tougher or more rewarding than that of a parent. Rookie and veteran moms alike often question whether they are raising their kids properly. Although every family is different, there is one source that has remained true and relevant even for today's moral dilemmas. The Bible. I use the Bible to get my priorities straight, gain an eternal perspective, and fill my mind and soul on a regular basis. My bible time fills me up so I can pour myself into my family. Because the Bible is a big part of my life, it is also a big part of my parenting. I'm going to share a wonderful resource that I use to organize my bible for parenting, and gift you with a chance to get one of your own!
Child Training Bible
What it is
The Child Training Bible is an excellent way to organize your bible for easy biblical reference of key areas parents battle daily. There is even one section dedicated to teaching about Jesus through the gospel. In the heat of the moment, we cannot often recall scripture that is applicable to teach our children. As parents, our first instinct is to squash the bad behavior immediately and leave it at that. It happens to me all the time!

How it works
Using the Child Training Bible, I can put my son in timeout {or whatever you call it in your home} while we're both still heated; then while he's taking a break, I can go to my bible, look up the area that needs to be addressed, and prepare for a teachable moment with my son. The Child Training Bible takes me straight to that area and points me to several passages that I can use to calmly talk and pray about with my son.

What you need
The Child Training Bible chart set comes with:
1 Child Training Bible Key
3 Scripture Tabbing Charts
Set of instructions
Open access to a video tutorial

Additional supplies needed:
9"x 6" Bible of your choice {I chose this one}
Post-it Flags Value Pack
Sharpie Accent Highlighter Set
9"x 6" piece of scrap paper
Paper towel/napkin

Putting it together
After receiving your CTB chart set and buying the additional supplies needed, read provided instructions carefully.

Lay out all supplies at arms reach and set aside time to concentrate on this task. I recommend at least two hours of uninterrupted time to complete.

Adhere CTB Key to the first page of your bible.

Using the tabbing charts, start with Anger and begin to look up, highlight and tab each verse listed. This is the bulk of the work.

Once all highlighting is completed, use a binder clip to keep tab charts, heart questions and sample prayers corralled at the back of your Bible.

Gaze and clap for your newly {and beautifully} organized Bible ready for the next teachable moment!

Introduce your family to the new bible and what it will be used for, then keep it in a central area of the house.

My Tips and Tricks
Tips for gathering supplies:
Choosing a Bible - I chose the NIV Textbook Bible for Students, but would also recommend this NIrV Beginner's Bible for younger readers.
Shopping for a Bible - Bring a 9"x 6" piece of scrap paper to ensure that the Bible you purchase in the store is the proper size for the CTB charts.

Tricks for putting it together:
Use a pencil to check off each verse on the tabber chart after highlighting it in your Bible to keep your place.
Pat each highlight dry with a paper towel to avoid getting light headed trying to blow each highlight dry. I learned this lesson quickly, you're welcome.
Highlights will overlap real quick, so use your pencil to write the applicable area in the margin of the corresponding verse. This will make it even quicker to find the verse you're looking for later on.
For younger readers {and myself}, I pencil in synonyms for some of the harder to understand words, so I'm not caught fumbling through the words of the Bible.

Getting Techy with it!
Having your bible at home is great, but what if a moment presents itself while you're out and about? In comes my techy tip! I highlighted the same verses using the same colors in the NIrV version of my Bible app on my iPhone! You can also take a photo of each of the tabber charts, heart questions, and sample prayers so you have them handy. I love a good techy gift, don't you?

What I love about it
It's organized! My obvious favorite thing about using the CTB is how organized this system is! It is clear that they put much thought into putting it all together. Another "why didn't I think of that" kind of product!

It's colorful! I love the use of colors in the whole system. The matching color tabs based on the key areas help to distinguish one thing from another and really brightens up the inside and outside of the Bible.

It's efficient! Using 3 sides of the Bible to place tabs is just brilliant!

It's thoughtful! I love that not only do you get scripture references, but you also get the tools to talk through moments with your child! Using heart questions to get to the root of issues and sample prayers, it walks you through teachable moments from top to bottom! Each time you go through it, you'll get more confident to discuss issues on your own and tailor it to your own child.

I learn at the same time! As often happens in parenting, I learned just as much putting it together as I'm sure my son will learn as teaching moments arise. Many verses were familiar to me, but others were a great reminder of key areas of life that I may struggle with myself!

A Gift Giveaway for You!

Now that you know how I organize my Bible, the creator of the Child Training Bible system {Mindy}, has graciously partnered with me to host a gift giveaway for you! This gift giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canda. The winner will be announced next week on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Gift it Forward
The Child Training Bible is a great resource for any Bible reading parent and makes a fantastic gift! Share it with your Bible study or mom group, and make a night of it by completing your CTB projects together! Gift others with a great way to organize their Bible for parenting!
Disclosure: The Child Training Bible System is a product I purchased on my own and offered to review. All opinions herein are my own. I did not receive any compensation for writing this post. This post contains affiliate links. Mindy of Child Training Bible has sponsored the giveaway open to residents of the US and Canada.
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