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Using the Reminders App in Unexpected Ways

I'm dropping in today for a quick techie tip on how to use your Reminders app in unexpected ways. Our hunt for a Preschool has begun! Preschool is a whole new beast for this family and knowing what to look for and what to ask can be overwhelming. I have some things in mind that I am looking for and have asked google too. Now that I have my questions, I want to be sure to ask them as I'm touring the facilities. Nothing is worse than driving away from an appointment and realizing you forgot to ask an important question. Here's my techie way of avoiding that "doh! moment".

Using Reminders as a Checklist
I want to be sure that I ask all the right questions and get the answers I need to make an informed decision. Instead of typing, printing and carrying around a printed sheet, I will jot down all my questions in my Reminders app and check them off as the questions are answered. I can even take note of the answers to the questions with the handy note feature.

Using Reminders as an Agenda
Having a last minute meeting and need an agenda fast? Use Reminders to create an agenda for your meeting and look prepared and techie all at once. If you're using iCloud, you can also sync your reminders, questions, and agenda points from one device to another, so it goes where you go.

Thinking outside the app can bring your techieness to a whole new level. Just like using office supplies to organize your kitchen, using the reminders app to create checklists, agendas and talking points makes brain dumping that much more worth while. Plus you get the added bonus of checking it off, my favorite thing!

Do you use apps in unexpected ways? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!
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