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Our Pacific Northwest Vacation Wrap-Up

As promised in a previous post, I am here to share some of our vacation highlights. If you haven't been to the Pacific Northwest region of the US, I highly recommend it. I particularly liked the time of year we chose to go, early Fall. Going in late September to early October takes you away from the summer crowds, school is in session and the leaves are just starting to change. And if you're a born and raised Southern California girl, like me, the weather is just cold enough to stand and little to no rain.

Oregon {East Coast Living on the West Coast}

I live in Southern California where driving through the state brings you across one city after another. There is hardly any separation between cities where I live, but that is not the case with Oregon. Outside of the Portland area, other cities and towns were very spread out and it was a refreshing change. Winding roads and trees everywhere reminded me of what it was like in the east coast. I liked the balance of nature and suburban life with a little weird mixed in. Oregon prides themselves in being weird...awesome, right? It's good for a laugh anyway.

Multnomah Falls

Oregon has an endless supply of trails to hike and falls to visit. We parked half a mile away from the actual falls and hiked over to Multnomah with 2 preschoolers and a toddler in tow. The hike was just challenging enough to make it exciting for the kids without giving the parents high blood pressure. It was also a great opportunity to explore nature with our little men. Here are some photos of our adventure.

My son's favorite part about hiking is the massive treats.

One of a kind photo opp for the little guys who have been best buds since their prenatal days.
"Friends of Multnomah Falls"

Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach

Our unexpected beach outing in Oregon was quite exciting and another great day of exploration for the kids. The beach town was quiet and we practically had the whole beach to ourselves. The boys could have played in the sand all.day.long. Luckily we decided to venture closer to the rock and found a treasure trove of marine life. It was a fun and relaxing day with a surprise twist thrown in at the end.

Exploring sea life and tide pools up close.

Our Totally Tourist moment #1: A surprise side trip to visit the Goonies house!!! "HEY YOU GUYS!"
Yes, that is the current owner on the roof. No, he was not amused by us. That's what he gets for buying the Goonies house, right? He was nice enough and we took our pictures quickly and left him to his roofing.

Day Trip to Seattle

Our day trip to Seattle was just that, a day trip. It was a lot of driving for 2 families, but we made sure to take some important stops {at the outlet mall, of course}. The kids did great considering they were cooped up in a van more than half of the day. Visits to Pike place and the first ever Starbucks were totally worth the drive. We thought about visiting the Space Needle, but considering the kids and not wanting to find parking again, we opted for a scenic photo with the needle instead. Besides, it was getting late and not worth the trip only to be turned away.

Totally Tourist moment #2: The guys that throw and catch giant fish with their bare hands. Man, I wish my hubby could have caught one. We were too chicken to ask, but they did give us a show.

Totally Tourist moment #3: Enjoying our first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season at the first ever Starbucks.

Dear fashion police, no your eyes do not decieve you, I am wearing the same outfit on two different days. This SoCal girl did not bring enough warm clothes for the PacNor weather and had to recycle...hey, at least I tried to change it up with a scarf, yo! Don't hate.

Space Needle Photo Op from afar, but sweeter.

Totally Tourist moment #4: Pacific Northwest Sunset via Seattle

Ending with a Photo Shoot

I love when our families get together, so I wanted to end the trip with a joint family photo shoot. Our dear friend Jay takes wonderful pictures and he did our engagement and maternity shots. We were super sad to see our family photographer move to Oregon, but if you're lucky enough to be in the area, book him! Visit his site at SuttiShots.com and see if you find some familiar faces there. If you do contact him, tell him I sent you!

So ends our vacation. It was loads of fun, laughs, and cries {from the kids...mostly}. And what good is a vacation without a trip to the ER? True story, but it wasn't me and everything is okay now. All in all, it was nice visiting dear friends and great to explore another part of the country that we previously had thought not to go.

Did you ever think the Pacific Northwest could be this fun? Share your surprisingly awesome vacay stories with us in the comments!
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