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How Our Move Went

I am happy to report that I am currently blogging from my new home office and am excited to be in our new space! I call it my momcave and will reveal the space soon enough. Today, I wanted to let you all know how the whole transition went and what I've learned in the process.
Moving Day Debacles
Since I posted my Moving Planner, it was by my side throughout the entire packing and moving process. I felt totally prepared. We were packed. I was organized. Moving day was well ordered and waiting, until life happened.

People we were expecting to help didn't show, while others we weren't expecting did show! Our helpful helpers were all an hour {or more} late to arrive, which actually turned out to be a good thing. I found myself running all around town for food, water and fly traps. All in all, everything made it over {after 2 or 3 or 5 trips}.

Though moving didn't go entirely the way I had dreamed, I am learning more and more that no matter how well thought out a plan is, when things don't go according to plan, it's just not worth stressing over. Grace is better than foresight. The important thing is that I did my part to make the day go as smoothly as possible and without the help of our family and friends, there is no way we could have done it all. They are a gift and we are grateful to them all!

Vacationing and Blogging {or Not Blogging}
After a long day of moving, we had one full day to get as much unpacked before leaving on vacation. We did pretty good if I do say so myself. Furniture was assembled and placed in its new home, essentials like toiletries and food were readily accessible for that one day we needed it, and the rest would have to wait until we got back. The house was half home, half boxes and with the long two days we just had, we needed a vacation!

Backing up to the week before moving/vacay, I was hoping to bring my laptop to try and blog while away, but the hubs firmly discouraged it. He was right too. I wasn't sure what our friends had planned for us to do and didn't want to take time away from them to blog. In order to show love to everyone {my family, friends, and blog friends}, I scheduled my week's blog posts in advance. I'm so glad I did too because it allowed me to literally unplug. Overall, my tech usage was kept at a minimum, and I even spent one whole day away from my cell phone and didn't even miss it!

The week we spent with our friends was our first official family vacation {post on that to come later}! It was relaxing, fun, and tiring all at the same time. There were fun day trips, laughter filled late nights, breaking up toddler fights and even some down time to just be.

Unpacking for Company
Coming back home to boxes is no way to end a vacation, but we did give ourselves the weekend to recover before getting back to the grind. The week began with feelings of vacation still looming over us. We were a bit slow to jump back in, I was particularly slow to come back. God needed to light a fire under me to get me back on track, and He sure did that.

Other close friends of ours invited themselves over to see how everything went with moving and vacay, and even offered to help get other things finished. That's all it took. Having our families together was enough motivation to finish the work that needed to be done. And the best part? We got to spend a nice evening with our friends instead of working through unpacking boxes. By the time they got here, there wasn't much to do except have dinner and play. I'd choose quality time over work any day.

What I Learned
There have been two recurring themes in all that happened this past few weeks. I have been struggling with and striving for them a long time. Now that I have walked through this season, I hope to continue to be aware of it going forward.

First, straightening my priorities has been key to getting me through. Knowing what I will and will not sacrifice {quality time for example} drives my decision making and guides my steps, leading me to the next major theme.

Second thing I learned was balance. Balancing work and family, play time and productive time, my plans and my hubby's plans, being a mom and being a wife, being a friend and being a leader. Because I knew my priorities, I was better able to balance the things that have eluded me for a while.

The gift of chaos allowed me to grow in ways that I didn't expect. I'm ready to stride ahead.

What Comes Next
Now that the big heavy lifting has been finished, I'm left with tons of little projects. Time to use the prioritization and balancing in my day to day as I dive head first into this next chapter.

Just for fun, let's list some of it out:

  • Create a new entry/drop zone
  • Update pantry organization
  • Organize the garage
  • Design a vanity space
  • Finish the boy's bedroom
  • Re-organize our closet
  • Create some finishing touches on the office
  • Splash pictures and decor onto our bare walls
  • Reveal the new place to you!
There are times in our lives when it rains, and other times when it pours. I'm glad to have this phase behind us and look forward to what lies ahead for my family and this blog. I hope that my experience can encourage you to walk through a season in your life that may be crazy busy. Remember to prioritize and balance what really matters.

If you're going through a chaotic season right now, leave a comment. I'd love to pray with and for you!
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