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Gifts You Use {Stay Sane While Blogging: Part #2 Blogging Tools}

If you were here last week, Kacey from Well Rounded Home gifted forward her tips on how to stay sane while blogging. Check out part one of the series here. Today she gifts us with a bunch of bloggy resources. What I love most about this post is that it's both techy and bloggy! I'm swooning! Take it away, Kacey!
Blogging requires time. Something that few of us have to spare, so how do you make it work? The last time I was here, I talked about a few blogging rules to keep you sane. Today, I'm following up with some tools that help me complete all my blogging tasks more efficiently.
  1. Evernote App – Evernote is a virtual notebook/filing cabinet to keep you organized. I use it to for compiling post ideas, drafting blog posts, clipping websites, storing articles, etc. I like that I can access it on my phone or any computer, plus it lets you tag notes for easy searching. 
  2. HootSuite App – Instead of checking multiple social media apps or sites, you can access your accounts (first five accounts are free) in one place. Even better, you can pre-schedule updates. 
  3. Buffer – Like HootSuite, you can access all your social media accounts and pre-schedule updates in one place, except with Buffer your updates are set for pre-set intervals to make sure you're not bombarding your followers with a bunch of updates at once. The cool thing is you can use a service like Tweriod, to figure out the days and times your followers are most engaged and schedule your posts for those times.(Note: HootSuite recently added an auto-schedule feature similar to what Buffer offers, but I haven't used it yet.) 
  4. Wordpress App – Get all the Wordpress features you love on your mobile device. Great for responding to comments or creating new blog posts and pages on the go. 
  5. Microsoft / Flickr Creative Commons – When you don’t have time to take or edit photos, download free pictures from these two sites. Searching for photos is really easy. 
  6. Google Reader – Instead of getting tons of email updates from other blogs or visiting those sites individually, get RSS feeds in a Google Reader account and read when it's most convenient for you. 
  7. Google Calendar – Since I use Gmail and Google Reader, it's really convenient to use Google Calendar to keep up with blogging commitments, such as guest posts, an upcoming series, etc. I also like that I can get reminders via text and email. 
  8. Twitter lists - If you follow more than 50 people on Twitter, lists are the best way to keep up with everyone's updates without getting overwhelmed by your newsfeed. Some of the lists I've created are My Peeps (friends and family), Newsstand, Celebatweets and Big Blawgs. 
  9. Dropbox – You can use this online data storage service for backing up your blog (I use the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin) and exchanging documents between blog contributors. (Note: Google offers a similar service, Google Drive, but I haven't used it as much yet.) 
  10. Cellphone Camera – Your blog posts need pictures these days with the popularity of Pinterest. Instead of lugging around a huge bag of camera equipment, just whip out your camera phone for super easy pics.
With three busy bodies to care for, Kacey is a mom on a mission to turn her house into a home. Her blog, Well-Rounded Home, is filled with tales about wrangling kids, cooking, tackling never-ending DIY projects and more. She’d love to have you stop by for a visit.

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