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Planning a Move and Vacation Simultaneously

It wasn't intentional, but it happened. Our upcoming move and vacay are happening on the same week and there's no stopping either of them. I began to dread these two significant and overlapping events, but the optimist in me prevailed once again {she usually does}. What began as an over scheduled oversight has actually been a blessing in disguise. Here's an update on my moving process and why planning a move and a vacay in the same week may not be so bad after all.

How Did This Happen?
Let me begin by emphasizing that our move and vacay were not entirely planned to be in the same week. That's just how the chips fell for us. We planned our out of state vacay months ago not realizing that a) we would be moving {it wasn't even a thought in our minds then}, and b) that our lease would end smack dab in the middle of our getaway.

Months later, after we decided we needed a bigger space, we looked at details like when our lease would be up and...{gasp}...we're not going to be here! We need to move before we go! {Queue dramatic music}

Now the next step in our journey to an apartment upgrade is to play with the hand that we've been dealt. This means that I need to be super organized. Yay!

Planning to Move
We are going from a 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath unit with a loft, private courtyard and 1 car detached garage, to a 2 bedroom {dual master suites}, 2.5 bath unit with a loft, no courtyard and attached 2 car garage.
With the help of my handy dandy moving planner, I laid out my to dos and started gathering supplies. Then with the help of some really cool techy room planners I started plugging away the lay out of the new house. I'll let you in on my plans another time, stick around for that.

So, to packing I went. I began with taking everything decorative down and putting it away. Makes the place look so blank. I decided to put all the decor together because I wanted an opportunity to re-imagine the space and get creative. This will give a fresh perspective when going to decorate the new place.

Planning to Travel
Because life is full of little twists and turns, here's another gem for you. Recently, my hubby has been shipped off to projects out of town, leaving me to pack all by my lonesome with toddler in tow. That also means that his travels have given me an opportunity to practice for our syncronized move and vacay.

Having hubs out of town has been a bit rough with just the two of us {props to all you single moms and dads out there}, but I still managed to pack 5 boxes of decor and kitchen wares. But I digress, back to travel.

We will be gone for an entire week visiting our close friends. That means a whole week's worth of clothes needs to be ready to go before it even enters the new house. Since I'm packing stuff up anyway, packing well ahead of time not only gives me less to think about after the move, but it also gives me less boxes to pack. Score!

Blessings in Disguise
Is there anything good about planning a move and vacation at the same time? I think so.

  • Planning both together forces you to be organized. In order to make both successful, there is no choice.
  • Since I'm packing for a move anyway, might as well pack for vacation too. Multi-tasking at its best.
  • Unbeknownst to me until now, this blog has been a huge blessing, as far as moving is concerned. Because much of our belongings are organized, have homes, and containers, packing will be that much simpler! Gift!
  • After a move, who doesn't need a vacation? We get to do that for real!
  • Once we return from vacation, I will be super excited to dive into making our rental a home.
For all you pessimists, skeptics and realists out there, I challenge you to see what may look to be a difficult situation and turn it into an opportunity to be creative, organized or both! It's not so bad to have a vacation planned right after a move. It's almost like a reward for all the hard work. I may have to intentionally plan our next vacation soon after our next move. We'll see.

Have you ever had a two big life changes happen simuntaneously? Did it force you to be more organzied? Share in the comments!
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