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My Grand Plans

While I pack and move, I wanted to leave you all with some things to look forward to, so I will reveal my plans for our new rental starting next week. It's my way of brain dumping all the many projects in my head and also giving us something to look forward to in the months after my move.

To give you a little reminder, here is the before and after floorplan:
We will lose:
  • Private Courtyard
  • Kitchen Island {and cabinet storage that came with it}
  • Entry niche
We will gain:
  • A second bedroom and bathroom {dual master suites!}
  • Laundry room {instead of current laundry closet}
  • Breakfast bar space
  • Garage space {2 car vs. 1 car}
  • Loft space
As you can see, it's quite different from where we are now, so I have to rethink how I will use the new space to make it work for us. It will be a bit of an adjustment, but I'm most excited to be gaining some much needed space! Gift!
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