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My Grand Plans: Loft

In our previous space, the loft was our son's playroom. Now that he will be getting his own room, I finally get a proper office and retreat space! Hooray! That also means that I have to make new furniture work with old furniture and create a space that I will be happy to work, organize, manage, read and think in. Take a look at what I've been cooking up.

Working from Scratch {sort of}
The space is set to be my working haven. A place where I can be organized and strategic one minute, then relaxed with a book the next. Just thinking about that space makes me giddy because there are so many things I have planned. Let me share my inspiration with you.
Loft Office

There are some old pieces and some  new pieces mixed in here. The desk where the printer rests currently lives in my closet office and the rug currently lives in our living room. I will marry the two in the office and create one big office family.

Here's what I'd like to do:
  • Purchase new expedit desk
  • Use fabric to conceal office bags
  • Use matching fabric to back the book shelves
  • Create an accent wall
  • Cover office chair in a bright color
  • If there's room, create a work space behind the desk for spreading out
This office space makes me giddy! Maybe it's because the organizer in me gets to be unleashed in this space. It's my Momcave! I can't wait to get to work on this {ahem, so I can serve my family, of course}.

Does the thought of an office make you as excited as me? No? What space in your home gives you the chills? Share in the comments!
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