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My Grand Plans: Boy's Bedroom

My first brain dump sneak peak for the new place will be the biggest change for us. Our son is getting his own room {finally} and I couldn't be happier! It will be his own little master suite complete with a walk in closet and full bathroom to call his own. We're praying that his transition goes well. In the meantime, let me walk you through my grand plans for our boy's room.

Working with What We Have
Currently, he has his bed in our room and a playroom in the loft. Our new place will combine the two and give us much needed storage for his outgrown clothes and baby essentials {for when God brings #2 along}. Take a gander at the inspiration.
Mateo's Room

This is a rough sketch thus far, but there are a few projects I need to work on to complete the room:

  • Paint the other Trofast storage unit we have white
  • Label bins with pops of color
  • Install art display
  • Create reading nook
  • Make blackout curtains
  • Design learning zone
This room organization project is full of tiny little projects that are sure to make a big impact. For the most part we are working with what we have and trying our hand at DIYing the rest. Wish us luck {we're going to need it}!

Are you working on a kid's room? Any tips on painting IKEA birch furniture? Gift it forward in the comments!
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