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Ikea Digital Catalog App

The 2013 Ikea catalog was recently released, and if you're like me, you couldn't wait to get your hands on it. Unfortunately, I live a fair distance from the nearest Ikea and didn't have a good enough excuse to drive all that way just to get a catalog. What's a girl to do? Get the app, of course! Today, I'll walk you through the fancy-schmancy-techy-fab app and save you the time of driving to Ikea while also saving you some paper clutter.

Get the App
If you follow the blog regularly, I recently did a post on Digital vs. Paper Magazine subscriptions. Although I haven't quite decided which side of the fence I'm on yet, I will tell you that having a digital catalog is awesome, and is quickly swaying me to the digital side.

The Ikea Catalog App is great for lots of reasons. It's simple, space saving, functional, and free! It also works on both the iPhone and iPad, so you can browse from anywhere.

Flipping Through
At first glance, one might say that the app is just a digital copy of the paper catalog, but it is so not. Although the look is exactly the same, the app allows you to do so much more with your browsing than the paper version could ever do.

Flipping through to your favorite categories is as easy as a swipe and a tap, taking you straight to that page.

Extra Content
I'm a sucker for bonus features and extra content, and the Ikea app does not disappoint in this area. While taking your stroll through the catalog, you may run across a fun blue button telling you there is extra content available, tap it!

Interacting with the App
As if tapping and swiping weren't enough of an incentive to browse digitally, how about a few more fun features? Tap to zoom, a lower hidden menu of products shown, view product details, and product details viewed in their in app browser...oh my!

Some argue that with digital catalogs, you don't have the ability to dog ear your favorite pages and products. This app makes the impossible even better. Now, when you see a product you want to save for future reference, simply add it to your favorites and begin hoarding collecting faves on your own personal wish list!

Gift it Forward
Because you know I'm an advocate of gifting it forward, the app has a built in gift it forward share feature too! It pleases the giver in me to see things like this.
When it comes to window shopping, what's not to love about this? I can stay at home in my comfy clothes, shop away, collect my faves and gift it forward. I'm a happy camper. What makes it even better is that after all that, I don't have to worry about what to do with the catalog after I've seen it. It tucks nicely away on my iPad with no clutter. Happy shopping everyone!

Have you discovered the Ikea Catalog app? It's free! Go now! Tell me what your favorite thing about the app is in the comments.
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