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Techy Tuesday: Pinterest for iPad is Here!

If you're like me and have a thing for Pinterest, then you may have heard that they finally brought the pinning goodness to the big screen of iPad recently! I was super excited to try it out this weekend and am happy to share my discovery with all of you. Let's have a look at the wonderful Pinterest for iPad app.
Full Screen Pinning
At first glance, browsing pins in the app looks very similar to browsing in a mobile tablet browser, but the deeper you dig into the app the better it gets. One new feature from the app is a nice new menu panel that you can tap or swipe in and out of your screen. I love the category icons that have been added too.

Big Screen Pin
When you find something you want to pin, there's a great big full screen preview of the pin. The large preview is perfect for viewing those long infographics that you just can't fully appreciate on a smart phone app.
And once you tap repin, the user interface uses the large screen of the iPad very nicely. When selecting a board, your existing boards slide in and out from behind the pin with great ease.

In App Browsing
Say you want to read a post before you pin it. Now you can use the in app browser and go straight to the pinning source. If you look at the top right corner, you can see your "pages" laid on top of one another. Nice. There's also a built in Pin It Button for extra pinning functionality. Really nice! When you're done browsing, just tap X to close of swipe it away to reveal the previous page where you left off. Sooo niiice!

Sharing a Pin
Now sharing a pin is also better with more options to share on your social media outlets or via email. This app is quickly becoming my new favorite place to pin, hands down.
Now that Pinterest has opened up its doors to all and removed the invite only restriction, pinning is available to all. With the addition of the iPad app, it makes for a much more visual pleasing pinning experience overall. From browsing to exploring sites to sharing, it all looks and works better on the iPad. If you've held off on updating the app for iPad, now is the time to dive in and be amazed. For pinners like me, it was a long time coming, but well worth the wait.

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