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Moving Planner & Printable

Moving is painful. There's no going around it. At one point our family moved 3 times in three years. Unfortunately for us, we were getting pretty good at moving, but it didn't make the moving process any better. Moving is painful. It's painful on the body, on the brain {at least in my OCD planner brain}, and on the friends and family I manage to talk into helping us move each and every time. I'm here today to share with you my approach to moving and gifting you with a planner to boot!

Forced Organization
It's been a couple of years since our last move, but since our baby is not so much a baby anymore, we needed to find a place that suited our current needs better. Our last move was the most organized move we've experienced thus far. It happened to be that way because we were on a major time crunch, and we needed to be strategic and organized.

I stayed up many a night planning and strategizing the most efficient way I knew to organize a big move in a short amount of time and used my smart phone to do most of it. Now that I have this blog, I had been meaning to put those thoughts and lists down onto a printable. I hope you find as much use out of it as I have.

Moving Planner
The image above is a preview of the planner in all it's glory. This is what came out of my head and onto a printable. Can you see why it kept me up all those nights? There is a lot to cover. But I hope to make your next moving experience better by utilizing this planner, and save yourself from a sleepless night.

I didn't work too hard on this calendar page, as it was taken straight out of my Blog Planner, but I felt it was an important addition. There are so many dates to remember when it comes to moving. In addition to moving day, dates for inspection, utility installation, and last day at the old place can all slip through the cracks if they aren't marked on a calendar.

I will be printing 3 copies of this page: The month prior, the month of, and the month after the move. Doing this will also allow me to break up the tasks of moving into bite sized manageable pieces. Set a goal for each week of the moving process from start to finish to avoid feeling overwhelmed by all that moving will require of your time and effort.

Supply & Prep
After laying out important dates and setting packing goals, preparing supplies and prioritizing tasks comes next. Save that junk mail because it will come in handy when trying to fill those fragile filled boxes with some extra cushion. This is also the time to start shopping for moving boxes and other packing supplies.

Getting a good idea of how to prepare for a move can be daunting, but with an organized plan, it is doable. There are preparation tasks listed prior to packing {like gathering supplies} and prior to moving {like setting up utilities}. I've even given you a spot to list down your own tasks.

Packing List
During the moving process, the bulk of the work is in the packing. I like to have a good inventory of the items in our house so that I can make sure we have everything and it's good to keep for insurance purposes. {Stay tuned for my post about my home inventory to come soon.}

This packing list is a pretty basic checklist to ensure all rooms are packed and accounted for. The box total column helps to make sure that everything that went out of the old house comes into the new house. This can be especially helpful if you have items traveling in several different vehicles.

Moving Day
Moving day is the next biggest chunk of the moving process. As the saying goes, "Many hands make light work". Having many strong hands and willing loved ones to help is good, but what will make moving day most successful is a well executed plan.

In a typical move, there is a moving truck and one or more other vehicles in use to transport items from one house to another. For that reason I have created an essentials list to add to the main car which holds everything needed for moving day like cleaning supplies, party supplies {for feeding helpers}, and toiletries for bathroom breaks. Set aside these special essentials in a separate area so they don't get mixed in to the regular load.

I've even ordered moving day for you in a way that preps one step for the next. This list assumes the main car with essentials arrives at the new home first and prepares for the moving truck's arrival.

A Gift for You
Now the moment you've all been waiting for, the printable! Use it well friends and may your move be planned, organized and successful! I want to give a special shout out to Verve & Sass for gifting me with the awesome herringbone pattern I use for the header. It's a free download, so be sure to check it out! Now that's gifting it forward! Thanks Des!
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Although moving can be painful, having a well thought out plan and breaking up the tasks will make for a better transition for everyone involved. My prayer is that this planner will help you to embrace the next chapter in your life {whether you are downsizing or upgrading} and go into the next phase feeling confident and courageous. Move well!

Are you in the process of moving or close to it? What is your favorite thing about the moving planner? Let me know in the comments!

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