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Magazine Subscriptions: Paper vs Digital

These days I'm pretty consistently a digital-over-paper kind of person when it comes to things like my calendars and to do lists, but one area that I haven't quite decided on is the digital subscription world. In theory, it's a great concept and I like the idea of being able to take my "magazine" with me where ever I go without the extra bulk. With that, there are some things that keep me from going completely digital too. I'll explore my personal pros and cons with you here and I'd love to know what you think too.
Paper Subscription Pros
It may seem old fashioned, but I just love getting magazines in the mail! It's always a nice surprise to receive another issue of inspiration, a gift.  Another pro for paper is that I like having magazines lined up in my magazine file ready to be flipped through again and again.

Paper Subscription Cons
Those little subscription postcards that constantly fall out of the magazine are beyond annoying! Although some magazines are beautifully displayed and stored in their magazine files, other lovely issues begin to pile up and clutter the house leaving dust hungry hills of forgotten and untapped inspiration.

Digital Subscription Pros
Because I'm a techy nut, anything that I can use on my iPad is a super score in my book. Not only does a digital subscription tickle my techy fancy, often times, there are great interactive bonuses that come in the digital version of a magazine {like videos and product links} that paper just cannot compete with.

Digital Subscription Cons
One con for the digital subscription is that it takes up precious tablet storage, and if you want to subscribe to several magazines, you need to plan on buying a tablet with the appropriate amount of storage. That will cost you a pretty penny. Another downside for digital is that you may forget to read your magazine completely without the reminder of a physical magazine sitting untouched. Forgotten issues means wasted subscription and wasted money.
I like having the best of both paper and digital magazine worlds because I won't feel bad about deleting a digital issue of a magazine if I know I have the paper copy, yet the tree hugger in me wants to reduce as much waste as possible, leaving digital and paper neck and neck. Oh well...I may never truly decide which side of the subscription fence I am on, but I do know that I love myself a good magazine.

What's your take on the paper vs digital subscription debate? Tell me what your own pros and cons are and why you like one over the other. Help me decide!

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