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Journey to an Apartment Upgrade

There is much to consider when deciding to move from one place to another. Many factors drive the decision making. Family needs, location, cost, location, availability, location, the list goes on. Our journey from a one bedroom to a two bedroom unit has been an arduous process. I'll walk you through our journey and reveal the destination of our big move.

Things to Consider
Family Needs
When we first moved into our current apartment, our son was only a few months past his first birthday. He was mobile, but not independent. He was still nursing. Still a baby. Because of that, we felt okay getting a one bedroom and squeezing his crib in next to our bed for the little guy. Fast forward two years and that little guy is not so little anymore. He's a running, jumping, climbing, independent boy who can reach higher with each passing week. Our needs were changing to say the least.

Location, location, location
What comes next for our growing family? We toyed around with finding a single family home to rent, but everything was out of our price range. We considered renting an apartment closer to our church and my side of the family, but everything was out of our price range. We searched for communities comparable to the one we are in now just in a different county, but everything was out of our price range.

Not only were many places out of our current price range, but they didn't have the community and ammenities that we are already getting. Nothing was comparable. Because of that {and the sweet deal we snagged to upgrade}, we were happy to stay in our current community and upgrade to a bigger unit.

Floorplan Schmoreplan
We live in a gated community of apartment, villa and townhome units. Floorplans from 1 up to 3 bedroom units, some with a loft, den or both. One story units and two story units. From the moment we started looking at units in this community, we "knew" what we wanted. It was the one for us, it was our unit. The one story, two bedroom floorplan with a large private courtyard and two car garage.

For the most part, this floorplan suited our needs.
Two bedrooms.
Large courtyard for Mateo to play in.
Large walk in closet for us.
Office nook.
Bigger coat closet.
Bigger pantry.
Bigger garage.
Bigger everything.

Here are the things I felt were not meeting our needs.
Nook would be too small to use as a playroom.
The laundry closet was in the kitchen.
Guests would share our son's bathroom.

Although this was the unit we kept hoping and praying for, it was not meant to be. In the end, it wasn't about the money, but about the availability. There was nothing available in our timeframe. Bummer.

We felt stuck. We felt like we would have to settle for less than ideal. For a perfectionist like me, that's a hard pill to swallow, especially since I'm going to be the one living and working in that space 24/7. So we conceded to find the next most suitable floorplan for us.

What I haven't told you yet is there is a major wrench in the timing of this whole move. We had planned an out of state vacation the very week our lease would end. Great planning, right? More on that in another post to come.

Counting the Cost
So we knew we weren't getting "our" unit, but we needed to get a bigger unit regardless. The only relief we did get from having to find a different floorplan is the increase in rent. It was going to be quite a jump for us to live in the one story unit. Being the optimist that I am, I knew it would all be okay. God had a plan for us and was taking us on this journey for a reason.

Light at the End of the Tunnel
One random day when the hubbub was working a night shift, we decided to visit the leasing office just to see what was available in our time frame. Because we were traveling out of state, we needed to be in our new place before the trip. It wasn't until that very day that I took notice of a floorplan that had previously gone under my radar. A two story two bedroom unit with a loft, and two car garage. Why hadn't I noticed this before? Probably because there was no courtyard, which I felt was a must have.

We asked about it, and it turns out that there is a unit available in our timeframe for that very floorplan in an area of the community that is very desirable to us. So we take a look at a vacant unit with that floorplan. It was great! Dual master suites! Laundry room upstairs {not a closet in the kitchen}, a loft, a powder room and so much more that we didn't even know we wanted! The unit had us at hello. We held the unit that morning and haven't looked back since.

This, my friends, is our future home. It will be the home that we call home until we can save enough to buy our own home. It's time for the reveal!
This space is the light that God had in mind for us all along. It meets our needs much better than the other floorplan did and creates loads of new opportunity for me to work in this space. I love it when God proves me wrong.

I have many grand plans swirling around my head for this space to share with all of you! I cannot wait to get started! I'll give you a sneak peek at my plans in a later post.
I love it when a plan comes together. In this case, it was not my plan, but I'm glad that I was open to change. Now I can't wait to embrace the space that was set out for us the whole time. We are moving folks! It's not a far move by any means {one block over}, but it's a significant move for our family as our son transitions into his own room, and I get to unwrap a load of new gifts for you! Gift and gift!

Which do you think is harder, the physical process of moving or the mental process of finding a new space? Anyone else moving and find a place that was even better than what they had set out looking for? Tell me about it in the comments.
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