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Cool Techy Accessories

In case you don't know, I'm a fan of all things techy. I also like to prettify even the hottest gadget on the market to suit my unique taste. Today I will share some cool techy accessories to make your cool gadget look even cooler! Yes, it's a geeky tech parade and I'm proud of it! I'll start small and work my way up the gadgety growth chart. Enjoy the parade!

Awesomize Your iPod Nano
As if a teeny tiny touch screen device wasn't cool enough, the iWatchz Timepiece Leather Watchband for iPod nano (6th Gen.) makes it even cooler. This gem is found at the Apple Store online. Now you can discreetly tote your iPod around and use it as a watch as well. Oooh...aaaah!
Charge Up Your iPod Touch
This next accessory is not only cool, but energy efficient to boot! Pottery Barn Teen's Solar-Powered Battery Pack packs a punch when in a pinch to get the newest app or tune while on the go. Just face it to the sun and charge your iPod touch while having lunch outside.
Impress with Your iPhone 4/4S
When you're really on the go and short on pockets, this next accessory works great. Pinned from the Apple Store, this Michael Kors Wallet Clutch for iPhone comes with a compartment for ID, money or credit cards. Talk about on the go! Now if only it had a compartment for my keys.
Punch Up Your iPad
I'm a little bias when it comes to this next accessory because I purchased this skin for my own iPad and have loved it since I got it! Gelaskins makes tons of fabulous skins for your device at reasonable prices. The skin is also super simple to apply. I did it myself on the first try and that is a feet in and of itself! The best part about the skins from Gelaskins is that it even comes with a matching wallpaper for your homescreen. Have a look.
Livening Up Your Laptop
This is one of my favorite ways to up the ante on a device. It's as simple tape, cut and stick, but it makes a fantastic impact on that cold hard keyboard. From the super cool Kira at Her New Leaf, take a look at her washi tape keyboard and read her post to learn the sweet details!
This was a fun post to write as it combines my love for techy things with my innate accessorizing fetish. Being techy doesn't mean you have to blend in with the crowd. Showing off your unique style by accessorizing your favorite device is a great way to regift yourself every once in a while. In most cases, it also helps to take good care of the device so it lasts longer.

You can find these and more of my finds on my Techy Fab board on Pinterest! Follow me on Pinterest to see what else I pin and check out my Pinterest Peek tab in the Welcome section of my side bar.

Do you have a favorite techy accessory? How do you take your device from drab to fab? Do tell!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way by any company/brand mentioned in this post. These are all just products I happen to come across in my pinning and wanted to share with you.
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