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Wallet Dividers & Printable

Have you heard of the cash envelope budgeting system? In our house, our fixed expenses like utility bills and insurance are paid for online. Flexible expenses like groceries, eating out, home goods, etc. are designated a certain amount of cash to sustain us until the next pay day. Using the cash envelope system is a great way to keep those variable expenses organized and in check from paycheck to paycheck. My problem is that all those envelopes can get too bulky for me. My wallet has enough in it, I don't need to try and stuff 4-8 envelopes full of cash in there too. Enter the semi-crafter in me! I will show you how I have modified cash envelopes into wallet dividers to save paper and precious wallet real estate.
Cash Envelope Inspiration
Before we get to my wallet divider, I want to show you some of the Pinspiration I came across in my search for a cute cash envelope.
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This is a typical cash envelope system with a register.

This is the cutesy-crafty-fit-in-your-wallety version.

Modify and Simplify

I love the idea of keeping my cash categories handy in my wallet because I don't want to carry two different wallets around. And because I'm a sucker for compartments, my wallet already has a couple of different compartments to put money in! I needed something to simplify our system that was not only cute, but also allowed me to close my wallet using the cash system. This is where I decided to use slim dividers instead of bulky envelopes!  


This is super duper simple to do with the 2-page printable template that I am gifting to you. All you need to do is print, cut, tape and go! Let's get started!
Supplies needed:
    • Decorative cardstock {8.5 x 11"}
    • Scissors
    • Money
    • Tape or laminator
    • Fine Point Sharpie
Start with 2 sheets of decorative cardstock paper.  If you're using scrapbook paper, just trim 2 sheets down to letter size {8.5 x 11"} so it fits snug in your printer.

Print the template onto the back side of the cardstock.
{Important printing tip: Make sure the scaling on the printer is set to "None", for instance, scaling to"Fit on page" will change the size of the tabs and will be off compared to your dollar bills}
Page scaling settings to ensure proper wallet divider size
Print wallet divider onto back side of desired card stock paper
Cut along the solid black line.
Cut out wallet dividers
Test the size to make sure the money and dividers will fit into your wallet.  Trim if needed.
Test dividers against dollar bill and ensure proper fit in wallet
Tape the tabs {low budget} or laminate each divider page {pro status} for divider durability.
Tape tabs or laminate each divider page for durability
Label each tab with a budget category.  Another option is to put the budgeted amount on each tab to remember how much to allocate each pay day.
Label each tab with cash category
Place the dividers and cash in your wallet and smile! You're done!

Pin It!

For my pinning homies out there, here's a pin of this tutorial just for you!
 A Gift for You
I like to think outside of the box, or in this case, outside of the envelope. I just love using my new wallet dividers and I hope you will too!  This template is a 2 page document complete with supply list and instructions.
Download your gift!

There's nothing like making life {and budgeting} easier. With the economy being what it is, everyone needs to take a second or third or thirtieth look at their spending habits. Using a cash system is far from techy, but sometimes it's the old fashioned systems that are best because they have stood the test of time. What makes this even better is that it integrates right into your wallet without creating bulk. Gift, gift and gift!

Do you use a cash envelope system? Would wallet dividers help lessen the load on your wallet?  Are you curious to try out the cash system and implement the dividers for yourself?  Do tell!

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