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Quick Techy Tip: Using White on Black for iPhone

Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep, often because I haven't done my nighttime routine. I like to pray and read a devotional before I catch my Z's each night. For those who are not familiar, a devotional is much like a blog post, but with a biblical twist. It takes a piece of scripture, examines it and relates it to our lives today, ending with practical application and prayer. The devotionals I read help me to look at my day's events, put them in perspective, and ultimately stirs up enough encouragement in me to push forward another day. It's a great way for me to end my day and if I forget to do it, my mind will usually race on for hours with all the things that need to be done tomorrow.

"What does this have to do with anything techy?" you might ask? Well of course I read my devotionals on my iPhone! And sometimes, the light from reading on my phone can be an irritant to the hubs. The Bible app I use has a low light setting {which I love}, but not all apps do, especially not the main app I use to read, Flipboard. Until that update comes, I need to be smarter than the machine. So I'm here with another quick techy tip to show you how I use the white on black feature of my iPhone to read my nighttime devotionals and keep from waking up my love-a-hub.

Playing with Accessibility
Did you know that your iPhone has an accessibility feature? These extra vision, hearing and gesture driven features are designed for users who have special accessibility needs, but that doesn't mean that others can't use these features as well. Below is a quick instructional on how to turn on the white on black feature:
Settings >> General >> Accessibility {toward the bottom} >> White on Black {switch to on}
Once you've done that everything on all aspects of your phone will be reversed.  It will look like you're looking at your iPhone through a negative which is a nice change of scenery, but remember the purpose of using this is to decrease the amount of light that you emit in a dark room.

Here's what my Flipboard looks like using white on black.
Reading on Flipboard using iPhone's white on black feature
 Not great for image heavy blogs, take a look at images on Flipboard.
Images display as negative using white on black for iPhone
Here's what my blog looks like on mobile Safari.
Website displayed using white on black for iPhone
About the only cute image I have found using the white on black feature is the charging lock screen.
Charging lock screen using white on black for iPhone
The gift to take away here is that if you're going to read something that is text heavy and want to play nice with your sleeping neighbors, white on black is the way to go.  I like it because it's not so bright on my eyes when I'm reading, and there isn't a shining beacon of light in the room.  Try it out one night and see how you like it.  Just remember that it is not optimum for image heavy reading and browsing.  Enjoy reading in the dark!

Do you use the white on black feature?  When do you use it?  I'd love for you to share in the comments!

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