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Quick Techy Tip: Using Another's iPhone

Hi everyone!  Now that the Learn As I Blog month long series is done, I'm back to my normal rants about technology and organizing with more blog tips to be weaved in too.  Today I'm popping in to do a quick tip for iPhone and iPad users who use someone else's iOS device.

It happens more often than we realize.  Your iPhone is either charging or at home and you need to use your honey's phone for a quick second.  But since everyone configures their iPhone's differently, sometimes it takes a moment to figure out how they organized their phone and try to find the app that you are looking for.  No longer!  Apple included the search feature some time ago, but I never used it until a couple of months ago when I was rushed to find something on my hubby's phone {it must have been playoff scores, I'm almost sure}.

From the home screen, swipe from left to right to find the "hidden" search screen and type in the app you are looking for!  That's it!  If swiping is too hard, you can also simply press the home button once to bring up the search screen as well.  What used to take 5 minutes of adapting to a different configuration, understanding someone else's organization, and searching for the desired app nows takes seconds with a quick swipe and type.
It's amazing how some things are given to us to make our lives easier, yet because we don't utilize them, the technology goes to waste!  Save time and headache by swiping and typing to search for apps on someone else's iPhone!  The gift here that keeps on giving?  It's not just for apps!  As you can see from the image, your phone will search for anything relevant to your search such as notes, emails, calendar events and more! Just type for what you are looking for, and if it's on your iPhone, it'll find it.  Gift!

Did you know that your iPhone did this?  How long did it take you to find an app you wanted on someone else's iPhone before?  Confess in the comments!  No judgements here, promise!

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