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How to Make a Blog Comment Signature

Comments are a blogger's icing to their content filled cake. When I visit a blog and leave a comment, I comment on the post I just read, tell the blogger how I found them, and leave my name and a link to my blog {sometimes also a link to my most recent post}. It's my signature. It tells the blogger {and her readers} who I am and where to find me. I would never send an email out without ending it with a salutation and signature, and I view comments in that same way. This may be the first and only time I get an opportunity to interact with this blogger, so I want to make the most of it!
Commenting Better
As I mentioned in this post, I use HTML coding to spice up my comments while blog hopping. And while many more blogs are adding powerful comment plugins, others still have not and it's up to you to give your comment some extra sass. It takes a couple of extra steps, but I believe they are important ones. Here's how I use hyperlinks codes to make a lasting impression on my comments and put my best foot forward.

Some comment plugins will automatically make a url a hyperlink, but it looks too generic and unpleasing to the eye for my taste.
This is a comment about your post. Awesome job!
Found you on the internet.
~ Ferly

Something like this next example is much nicer to look at and easier to read.
This is a comment about your post. Awesome job!
Found you on the internet. 
~ Ferly
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My recent post:
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Just Code it

Taking the code below and inserting your own blog's information will take your commenting to a great new level.
<a href="Website URL">Text to display</a>
Copy and past this code into a text file writer like Notepad {for PC} and replace the orange text with your blog's URL and the green text with your blog's name. Then save the text file to your computer so you can reference it again and again. When I know I will be doing a lot of blog hopping, I open this file and have it ready for copying and pasting. I know that the code in that file is always correct and it makes blog hopping go much faster.

A Few Warnings

  • Make sure you use a text file writer like Notepad and not a word processing program like Microsoft Word.  Programs like Word sometimes convert symbols, so when you copy and paste from Word, your code won't work properly, even though it "looks" correct.
  • When inserting your URL, ensure that it is in between the quotation marks.
  • URLs do not have spaces, but the text you want to display does.  Make sure you enter the text exactly how you want it to read.
If a blogger leaves a comment on one of my posts, I make it a point to visit their blog and comment back. It makes us bloggers feel good to know that the content they write isn't lost in cyber space, but that it is actually going somewhere and touching someone. I strive to gift forward as much of my life learnings as possible in hopes that it will bless someone else.

Will you consider taking the extra step to code a proper hyperlink into your comments and take your commenting up a notch? Tell me about it in the comments.

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