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5 DIY Projects for Renters

Although I don't hold the deed to our space {because we rent}, that doesn't mean that my heart doesn't long for DIY projects. I know that's probably the case for many of you other renters out there. Take heart, the DIYer in you can still be unleashed thanks to genius bloggers and the wonder that is Pinterest! I'm giving you a peek into my DIY Pinspiration board and pulling five great DIY projects for those DIYers trapped in a renter's space.
Safety First
Many rental communities offer fully updated central heating and air conditioning systems, that's the good news. The bad news is that those giant A/C units take up some of your courtyard space and could potentially be dangerous for kids and animals. Here's a pin that fixes that problem and adds a little bit of class to your courtyard without any major construction.
                                                                         Source: woodworkcity.com via Ferly on Pinterest
Storage Matters
Organizing and storage go together like peanut butter and jelly. I love this crib upcycle that not only brings much needed storage for those mountains of childrens' books, but it's nice and slim saving loads of precious rental space.
                                                                     Source: diyhshp.blogspot.com via Ferly on Pinterest

Garden Up Your Rental
One of my laments of renting is that I am not able to grow a garden {not that I have had any luck with the plants I bring home...it's the thought that counts}. With this DIY raised garden bed, you too can enjoy herbs and vegetables from your very own garden!
                                                                  Source: addicted2decorating.com via Ferly on Pinterest

Keeping Your Keepsakes
Just because you are renting a space doesn't mean that you have to forget about documenting your kid's milestones. I love this reclaimed wood painted growth chart that you can use as decor and travels well.
                                                                     Source: blog.silhouetteamerica.com via Ferly on Pinterest

Renters CAN Decorate
Not only am I a wanna be gardener, but I'm also a wanna be seamstress. I have mediocre sewing skills and don't own a sewing machine, but with this no sew project, I can fake 'til I make it!
                                                                              Source: cerniks.com via Ferly on Pinterest

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
I hope that this has sparked some inspiration for you renters out there. A space can feel like home even if you can't tear down walls or rip up carpet. Homeowners, you can also benefit from these simple and low maintenance DIY projects that make a big impact on your home and family, but little impact on construction.

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Gifts come in many different forms from any number of sources. Just because you rent a space doesn't mean that you shouldn't make it feel like home. Making the most of what you have will grow a greater sense of contentment in your heart that overshadows the dreams of homeownership you may be working toward. A home is what you make of it, owned or rented.

Are there any other DIY projects that you renters have had a blast working on? What about you homeowners? What simple projects could you recommend to renters? Let's hear it!

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