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Learn As I Blog: Highs and Lows of Blogging

It's great to be appreciated and not so great to be criticized.  As a blogger, you get the best {and worst} of both worlds.  Putting out my dirty laundry {virtually} for everyone to see how I clean up takes courage that many non-bloggers don't understand or empathize with.  Nonetheless, it's a passion for most of us and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Explore with me the highs and lows of blogging and share your experience too.

The opportunity to take the change I'm making in my life and turn it into inspiration for others to make their own life changes.

Getting connected with other bloggers who are learning and sharing their life and love through their own blogs.

Knowing that what I blog about is making a difference for others when they comment on my posts.

Feeling like I'm talking to myself most of the time and wondering if my effort is being spent appropriately.

Staring at the computer screen waiting for my pageviews to change 2 minutes after I post.  I try not to do this anymore or get too hung up on this, but it happens.

The fear that my blog is ridiculous.  It's not rational, but still a tiny lingering fear from time to time.

From a host's perspective, I have found that there are people looking for guidance when beginning their blogs and that I was right to start this series.  I've met some beautiful bloggers who are all learning as they blog and I hope to be able to help more bloggers going forward.  I've learned that the best teacher is time and experience and having other bloggers share their experiences has been my favorite part of this series.

I will continue to post as I learn more about blogging and give you an opportunity to share what you've learned with me.  Some future topics to look forward to in the on going series include Link Parties, Monetizing, Blog Development and more!
I hope that this series has given you the gifts you can use to grow your bloggy knowledge, love your own blog and serve your readers through your blog design and content.  It has been a great privilege to share my blog journey with you and am excited to move forward.  For you non-bloggers who have been missing my organization and techy posts, thanks for sticking it out with me and know that I've got some goodness in the works for you too!  I hope you have a new appreciation for bloggers and the time and effort they put in to their blogs.

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