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Learn As I Blog: Blog Planner & Printable

Since the start of the series, I've covered most of the behind the scenes work that goes into blogging.  Today, I will get into planning and brainstorming blog content.  If I neglect my blog content, the fun and pretty stuff I have on my blog doesn't even matter.  Another thing to consider is that I am a wife and mom before I am a blogger, so that means that I need to be organized and strategic when it comes to planning my posts and working on my blog.  I'll show you how I get bloggy inspiration out of my head and onto a calendar, and give you the gift of organizing and planning for your own blog!

I'm a planner to my core and I don't like jumping into things without a plan.  The planner in me is present in many aspects of my life like organizing my home and starting a blog, so it's no surprise that I needed a blog planner to organize my bloggy thoughts.  I tend to think big then work my way into the detail, so the first thing I strive to do to organize my blog is to lay my ideas out on a calendar.  

There are several ways to do this depending on the kind of blog you have and the way you think.  I like to designate categories to days I post, take my Techy Tuesday posts for instance; on those days, I go in whatever direction within that category that I can think of or have stumbled upon.  When creating the Learn As I Blog series, I had to plan the topic progression accordingly and lay out each topic on a calendar in an easy to follow way.

I'm the kind of writer that likes to lay my points out into subheadings and elaborate in my paragraphs.  In the short amount of time that I've been blogging, I've learned that blogging is about more than just writing, but connecting my content to more of my content with links.  Linking to other topics I've blogged about that relate to my current post is a great way for new readers to get to know me.  By using labels, links and social media, my content goes beyond my current topic and extends my reach further.  Link parties are another way of getting my name out in the blogosphere and pointing new readers to my blog.  There are so many things to think about both before and after the post has been published that I needed to put it all together.  Enter my blog planner.

I've looked around for other blog planners and found that most have almost everything I'm looking for in a planner, except maybe one thing.  Because I'm that picky, I decided to create my own blog planner.

The Calendar
I love calendars and I love lists, so when I made my calendar, I also wanted to create the space for ideas, tasks, reminders, whatever my bloggy heart desired.  It's also a great place to write out my favorite link parties and special bloggy events.

The Blog Post Worksheet
Many other planners that I've seen have lots of different things going on in one page.  My planner is different because I dedicate a whole page to one topic from beginning to end {or from brainstorm to link up}.  I set aside a large space for ideas, key points, even drawings; then I complement it with post specific tasks {for creative projects and supplies}, a photo list,  and a post publish checklist to ensure that I get the most exposure possible.

Here it is!  My blog planner gifted forward to you!  This planner consists of two different documents.  The first document is the calendar that includes a page for each month of the year.  I use different colored pens to fill out my calendar so I know what pertains to my blog, special bloggy events, weekly link ups and other tasks for myself.  The second document is the blog post worksheet complete with my must do post publish list with room to add your own tasks. To get this for yourself, just click on the buttons below.

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I hope that getting into my bloggy head gives you the gift of guidance when it comes to working on your own blog.  I find that the more organized I can be with something that can be so fluid {like a blog}, the better chance I have to be the most effective.  I blog not only for myself, but more for you and I want to be a source of encouragement for anyone who thinks organzing, technology and blogging is overwhelming.  If I can do it, anyone can!

**Update!** Recently added a Weekly Goals Printable too! Check it out!

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