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Learn As I Blog: Blog Glossary

This is all about Bloggy Lingo.  I know this may seem elementary to many, but to someone who is just learning about blogs and blogging, learning bloggy lingo is almost like learning a foreign language.  In my early bloggy days, everything was new to me and I felt a little like a fish out of water.  This is for all you would-be and rookie bloggers who are too embarrassed to ask, "What is a {fill in the blank}?".  My gift to you, a blog glossary for beginner bloggers!

Blog:  A website used by "bloggers" to journal their experiences, share their skill, review products, host giveaways and pour their heart out for the www.

Page/Tab:  A secondary page{s} that relate to the main blog.  Examples include...

Post:  The meat of the blog or main content published.  This is what grabs and holds readers and keeps them coming back.  Take very good care of this portion of your blog.

Post Thumbnail: Pictured above, the thumbnail is the first image appearing in a post and usually acts as the default image of the post.

Label: Keywords or categories that bloggers assign to each post making their content more search friendly and organized.

Header: The main title, description, logo, etc. of the blog.  Tells the reader where they are, and sometimes, what the blog is about.

Footer: The last thing on the sites page, usually for attribution, copyright, page view ticker, and sometimes, calls to action.

Comment: A place where readers can interact with the blogger and give their reaction to a post.

Comment Thread: A series of replies to a comment listed beneath the original comment.

Template: A preset or designed look for a blog which includes any of the following: background, border design, set or adjustable column widths, etc.

Side Bar: A place where a blogger can provide other ways of connecting to the blog by way of social media, subscription, and any other credit, sponsor, ad, or call to action.

Blog Button: Another logo provided by a blogger, usually accompanied by a text field, for other bloggers to "grab" code and paste it onto their own blogs.

Blogroll:  Not made or raw fish or rice, but a link list of blogs that the blog owner follows and recommends to their readers.

Sponsor: When a brand, company, or small business partners with a blogger and pays them for advertising space, product reviews, or giveaways to present to blog readers.

Giveaway: A raffle or drawing opportunity hosted by a blogger to give away a product under review, an item a blogger made, or a sponsored product.  A giveaway is sometimes accompanied by a promotion code for readers as well.

Link up: A way for bloggers to share their projects, knowledge and skill on other blogs hosting a link party.  Also known as linky, link up, linky party, etc.

HTML: Stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and is a series of code that tells a website what to do or how to look or completes a function or task. More of HTML on wikipedia

CSS: Stands for Cascading Style Sheet, and is a separate series of code that deals primarily with the look and style of a webpage.  Think of CSS as another layer of code, like another layer of clothing.  If HTML is the underwear, CSS is the pants. More of CSS on wikipedia

SEO: Stands for Search Engine Optimization, and improves the process of your site to be found on search engines.  Many pro bloggers suggest beefing up your content's SEO by using certain words in your post that will most frequently be used by people searching for a topic you are writing about.  More on SEO in wikipedia

RSS:  Stands for Really Simple Syndication, and allows blogs to be syndicated, read and fed with the use of an RSS reader to multiple sources.  More on RSS on wikipedia

Favicon: An icon that can be inserted as HTML code into your blog.  Once you have included a favicon, your graphic logo will appear next to the web address in your browser.  Notice my blog's favicon is a yellow box with a gift.  I have also added two other favicons to my blog for iPhone and iPad.  When someone adds my blog to their Apple device's home screen, this icon will appear and look just like an app.  Cool, huh!?!  More on that later in the month, so keep it close!

Pageviews: The number of hits or times someone views your blog's page.

Google Analytics:  A service through Google that provides analytics for your blog.  Some examples are traffic, what part of the world your readers come from, and more.  More about Google Analytics

Meme: A recurring collection of link ups created by a blogger who hosts a frequently recurring link party.
Have I answered those nagging, burning bloggy technical questions that have been eating at you for weeks or months?  I hope so!  There is a lot to learn when it comes to blogging and although this wasn't one of my more exciting posts, these are all terms that bloggers have to live with day in and day out.  Feel free to come back to this post time and time again if you need to refresh your bloggy brain on the gift of bloggy lingo.

Did you learn anything new today?  Is there other bloggy lingo that you've heard tossed around and need help with?  Ask away in the comments!

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