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Announcement: My 1st Guest Post!

Today, I am taking special time to announce something big in my bloggy world, my first guest post spot!  In my former life before diapers and blogging, I called the Disneyland Resort in California my home away from home.  My summer job turned professional career has come full circle into my current life as blogger and Kristi from Disney Insider Tips will be featuring me on her blog tomorrow {June 19}!

Special thanks to Kristi for giving me the gift of my first guest post!  Tune in to her blog for my post entitled, Disney Tips from a Former Cast Member!  I will give visitors to the Disneyland Resort in California some tips on how to make their trip to the original Magic Kingdom as magical as possible.

Just for the sake of reminiscing, here's a little something from one of the last of my Disney days.  This was my Farewell poster that people could sign and write me a farewell message.  It shows Lilo dressed up in each costume I've worn, representing each role I've held in the eight years I worked at Disneyland.  I loved it so much that I didn't want anyone to sign it, so instead, I got an autograph book for friends to sign instead!  Good times!  Oh to be young again!

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