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Closet Office

Hello, my name is Ferly and I'm an organizing junkie {everyone responds, "Hi, Ferly."}.  It's true, organizing is like a drug for me, and when it comes to supplies that aid in organizing, I go bonkers!  Throw me in an office supply store and I would swoon and drool for hours and circle the aisles multiple times {just ask my poor dizzy son}.  When we moved into our teeny tiny apartment, it had little to no room for an office that we truly need to store files and work on projects, but alas, no room was to be found.  Enter Operation Clean House!  When I finally took steps to purge, clean and organize, I found that there indeed was room to house a tiny office to suit our most basic office needs!  Hooray!!!  Now it's not nearly what my dream office would be, but it's what we've got and that's good enough for me.
When we did our master closet clean out, I began putting our would be office together and even bought a nice small $20 desk from IKEA.  Then I started buying cute desk accessories for myself to make me happy!  After weeks and months of not being able to really work on making the office its own space, it turned into a dumping ground.  Take a look, this is supposed to be the work space.
Office placeholder turned dump
This next photo should be the file and sort space, it also is a dump.
File and sort space, also a dump.
The piece of furniture that our randomness is resting on is part of a pair of night stands.  It ended up in the closet for a couple of reasons.  One, the night stand was replaced with our son's crib, which acts as his side of our bed {remember we live in a one bedroom}.  Two, I needed the extra table space in the office for filing and didn't have any other place to put it.

I wasn't able to take photos of my progress since I was so focused on the task at hand, but there was a lot of different piles to sort through, a bag of old paper to toss out and a mountain of upcoming projects that I now have to work on {and blog about in the future}.
After a little rearranging and assembling, I managed to clear the desk space and put everything into the project trays that sit on the built in closet shelf that used to be where my hubby's pants hung.  I love the grey cardboard magazine files that I use for our son's bedtime story books and some of my journaling supplies. The best part about those magazine files is that they were $1 at Target's dollar spot!  The tiered file tray was a long ago purchase from IKEA that had been sitting in an office supply box for months and then unassembled on the shelf for a few more months.  Now, everything is assembled and ready to be used.

The nightstand area is our file and sort space.  The desktop file on the right holds all our pertinent paperwork and the matching file trays are my sort piles.  The top is to be filed, the middle is for paper and folders, and the bottom is for shredding.  I have it that way for now since I'm a bit behind on my filing {not my favorite thing to do}.  I may end up repurposing those trays once I've got filing under control.

Another thing that I added to the office was a curtain behind the nightstand.  This allows us to separate the closet into two parts so it feels like its own room.  Doing this also made it so that I'm not staring at the back end of my clothes.  This was as simple as putting up a tension rod and clearance window panel for an easy accent "wall" and clothes concealer.

Here is one last look at the closet office from afar.
View of the closet office from the outside

You may notice a familiar friend gracing the office wall.  The panel I used as a backing for the inspirational wall art is a leftover piece from my entryway project.  The set came with four pieces, but I only had room for three in our entryway niche, so I knew that the closet office would be the perfect spot to add something extra to a closed off space.

After waiting so long, I'm so happy to finally be able to have space for our most essential home business.  Files, household papers,  and projects can all be done in here instead of on the dining room table and it's a nice little getaway for me to have my morning quiet time.  Here's to organizing junkies, closet offices and quiet time spaces.  Gift!

Is there a closet in your home that you're just itching to turn into an office?  Maybe you already have!  I'd love to see what you've done!
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