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Techy Tuesday: Flipboard

In my previous posts, I share about how to use technology to organize our time, our tasks, and our inspiration.  This Techy Tuesday is all about taking and soaking in technology.  Don't you just wish that you could take everything you love to read like your facebook news feed, favorite blogs, and the latest headlines and put them all in one place?  Well, you can...with Flipboard.  Flipboard has been on the tech scene for a while now, but I'd like to share with you how I use Flipboard to keep up with my favorite techy updates and keep current on world events.
Imagine taking all your favorite magazine subscriptions, website bookmarks and social media news feeds, putting them together and smashing them into a clean looking, easy to use app all for the sake of a better reading experience.  That is Flipboard in a nutshell.  Flipboard is a great {free} app that will enhance the way you read.  If you ever wondered what to do with that fancy new iPad you just bought, this is it.  First developed for the iPad {and recently optimized for the iPhone}, Flipboard takes all the sites {and apps} you might normally go to for the latest in news, weather, blogs, and facebook and twitter feeds, and puts them all together in one place so you can go from reading your friend's latest status update, to reading up on the latest political crisis in one tap or swipe. 
Flipboard home screen
With a quick link to your social networking accounts, your news feeds will now show up on Flipboard for your to see and even interact!
Twitter Feed on Flipboard

Looking at photos of your friend's recent vacation looks gorgeous on Flipboard, and notice there are icons for you to comment, like and share right on Flipboard!  Each entry you make here will show up on your facebook account making browsing and interacting a breeze!  The only thing you are not able to do is update your status from Flipboard.  Status updates will have to be done directly from your social networking site or app.
Facebook friend's photos laid out beautifully on Flipboard

Even if you can't update your status from Flipboard, look at all that you can browse from here!  Everything from your news feed, your wall, and even visit your friend's wall or your favorite fan page!  All done with a tap!
Lots of ways to see your Facebook account on Flipboard

Whether you're a loyal one or two blog follower, or a dozen or more blog follower, your blog will look great laid out on Flipboard.
Blogs on Flipboard

You can even link up your blog reader to Flipboard and see all the latest posts from your favorite bloggers all at once!  And if you want to comment on a post, or enter a giveaway, there is an in-app browser that takes you to the blog site or you can also open the post in Safari.
Google Reader in Flipboard
News and current events are not exactly on the top of my reading list, but seeing the headlines on Flipboard does make it easier to do and nicer to look at.
See the headlines through Flipboard's eyes

Exploring is my favorite part!  It's what has fed my techy cravings and kept me up to speed on the latest and greatest in technology.  My two favorite content categories are Apple News and Apps.  Apps has helped me to discover lots of wonderful new apps to try and always lets me know when apps go on sale or become free!  These and the many other content categories are what they at Flipboard call "curating" content from several sources {website or blog} to get you the best feed of information in that particular category.
Content categories curated by Flipboard
As a mom, there are rare moments when I can find 5 or 15 minutes of "free" time.  In order to make the most of that short window of time {before getting back into mommy mode}, setting up Flipboard feeds will be the best investment of your time.  When you get a quick moment, open it up and read away.  I love how the content is laid out so nicely, like reading a digital magazine of your personalized content.  If I want to catch myself up on what is happening with my family and friends, or if I want to venture into something new, this makes it so simple to do.

Taking in technology and making it fit in to your life {and not the other way around} is what makes technology truly great.  Flipboard has made a reader out of me!  But wait, there's more!  Earlier, I mentioned that Flipboard has recently optimized use for the iPhone; now, you can get the customized content on your iPad onto your iPhone, so you can read on the go!  Or, if you don't own an iPad, you can start up on your iPhone and take advantage of all the great features of Flipboard.  The only difference between the two platforms is that on the iPad you would swipe from right to left {as if you were turning a page}, and on the iPhone you would swipe up {as if you were flipping a notepad page with your thumb}.  Here's a look at the home screen from an iPhone.
Flipboard home screen on an iPhone
Are you a Flipboard user?  What other ways do you use Flipboard?  Never heard of Flipboard?  I hope this has given you a new way to get your read on!  Try it!  It's free {and so fun to use}!

Disclaimer:  I was not paid to post this feature on Flipboard.  This is my personal experience with the app.

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