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Techy Tuesday: Pinterest

These days, much of my internet activity is spent ooh-ing and aah-ing at pins on Pinterest.  If you have access to the internet, you more than likely know or have heard about Pinterest. If you are a blogger, Pinterest is probably your new best friend {it definitely is mine!}.  I will be the first to admit that I am Pinsessed!  I love all the inspiration that I can find on Pinterest!  From, how to make dinner to how to build furniture, and from creative kids activities to new workout routines, Pinterest has all the inspiration you will ever need!  Today's Techy Tuesday post is dedicated to all things Pinterest!

Aside from being the latest social networking craze, Pinterest prides itself as being "a virtual pinboard".  Imagine looking for inspiration to redecorate your guest room, and imagine all the clippings you might cut out of magazines and catalogues to pin to a pinboard; now, remove all the paper and replace it with digital photos that you find on websites and put them together in your own virtual pinboard, and that is Pinterest in a nutshell.  A great new way to surf the internet and collect inspiration for your next project, whatever that may be!  

Bloggers have certainly made their mark on the Pinterest scene.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have discovered so many new blogs and I am amazed every time by the talent and creativity of all you great bloggers in blogosphere!  With all that Pinterest does to inspire me, it is coming awfully close to becoming my go to search engine.  

To inspire me, of course!  Take a look at someone's latest craft, or a well organized garage.  If I'm about to work on it in my home, you can be sure I've got a pinboard to help get my creative juices flowing.  One of my favorite things to pin are some of the brilliant ways people use or do just about anything!  Take my Brilliant Uses board for instance, it's got things from turning your old sweater into a mug cozy to a tutorial of how to fold a fitted sheet.  That's just two pins from the 63 pins on this board that is one of 29 other boards chalk full of brilliance!

It goes without saying {but will be said anyway}, that intellectual property is of the utmost importance and proper pinner is a must!  Pin wisely and from original sources and credit those who have inspired you!

So, what if you've been on Pinterest long enough now to know that you want more than just to pin and to repin?  Well I wondered the same thing and am here to tell you that there are ways to take your pinning up a notch!

If you're like me, you see a great pin for someone else and maybe not for yourself.  It happens to me all the time when I see cute little girl clothes, which does this mom of a toddler boy no good at all.  There are several ways you can let them know about this awesome find, and below are some goodies that Pinterest has provided to up the pinning ante.
  1. Pin bookmarlet - this is my favorite tool when blog browsing or internet surfing!  This tool adds a bookmark to your toolbar allowing you to pin from any website that allows pinning!  If I see something that inspires me, I can just click my "Pin it" bookmark, and it opens up my Pinterest pin form, so I can pin it and keep right on going along my merry way.  Genius!
  2. Email the pin - which I've done often and also sent to those who haven't taken the Pinterest plunge yet.
  3. Mention your friend in a pin - when commenting or repinning, just include the @ + friend's name {i.e. @Ferly} and Pinterest will find matches to your mention and just click on the intended friend.  Your friend will get a notification that they were mentioned in a pin.
  4. Create a group board {aka adding contributors to your board} - this is the feature I'm most excited to take my pinning to the next level.  Did you know that you can add contributors to your pinboards!?!  I know!  I had glanced at it previously, but never had a need {or desire} to share my pins.  Now that many of my friends are on Pinterest and are Pinsessed just like me, this makes for wildly fun group pinning and deepening my love for Pinterest!  
    • A few easy steps to get on board:
      • Create a new board or edit an existing board
      • Fill out form with pertinent information
      • Select "Me + Contributors" to those who can pin to your board
      • Type names of desired contributors
      • Click add after finding each person
      • Create board or save settings
    • Once the board has been created {or edited}, each person you have added as a contributor will be notified via email and can view the new group board in their own profile and when it comes time to pin, the group board will be in their list of existing boards!  Brilliant!
    • Group board inspiration - while testing the contributor feature with a friend, she mentioned that one group board she had heard of was called "I Tried This" and contributors would pin anything that they had tried onto the board and I would imagine had a commenting fun fest!  Now that's upping the ante for sure!
Being somewhat of a newbie to the wide world of blogging, Pinterest has given me a whole new world to explore and a deeper appreciation for bloggers of all kinds!  Thanks to them {and their pins}, I now look first to DIY rather than go on a shopping search.  What a great gift to give someone {confidence and tutorials to create things for themselves}.  If it weren't for bloggers and the many photographers who allow their photos to be pinned, many people would continue on less inspired.  If you were on the fence about trying out Pinterest, I hope this post has given you some fuel to go head first into this great tool.  If you're a veteran pinner, I hope you learned something new to add to your Pinsession!  By the way, did you bloggers out there notice that I have my latest pins on my sidebar!?!  I know!!!  It's Pintastic!

Now it's your turn!  Tell me what you love about Pinterest!  If you're not on Pinterest, are you ready to try it?  Would you Pinning Pros try a group board?  Do tell!

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