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Techy Tuesday: Getting To Dos Together

There are oh so many lists for the many things that need to be taken care of.  And for the many hats we wear in our lives, how can we get them all together and organized?  As for me, I use apps; and because I'm a bit particular, I have tried several different apps to meet my specific needs.  One boring day {years ago}, I probably spent a couple of hours just researching, shopping and trying out to do apps alone!  I'm that crazy.  Well today, I hope to save you some time and effort by gifting forward by search for you and letting you in on my findings.

There are certain criteria I have for apps I use to tackle my to dos.  Let's check them out now.
  • Customization - I need to be able to look at the tasks at hand in the way I want to see them.  Prioritization, multiple lists, and sorting capabilities {alphabetically or by date} are a must for this lady.
  • Simplicity - I don't want to have to spend too much time learning how to get to my tasks.  It should be fairly straightforward.
  • iCloud ready - Do you recall my grocery day episode?  Without the use of iCloud, my grocery day would have just been gross.  I want to be able to start my to dos on one device and finish them on another.  That's supposed to be the beauty of technology, right?  Convenience and ingenuity.
  • Pretty is a bonus - I'm still a girl after all, and the prettier the app, the happier I will be while checking off my list!
Now that you know what I look for, allow me to walk you through my trial and error period and follow up with some apps I may be tempted to try in the future.  The best part about these apps is that they are all free!

Likes:  This app is super simple to use and has all the customization that I desire!

Dislikes:  Although I can have as many lists as I want, I cannot arrange them the way I want after they have been created.  So you may need to do some preplanning in this area and create your lists in the order you want them to appear.

Likes:  Looks pretty and has most of the customization that I am looking for with arranging multiple lists, prioritization and more.

Dislikes:  It didn't always function properly.  I spent many grocery trips frustrated at the way it would continually crash.

Likes:  Great all around app for moms on the go with calendar, to do list, color coding and more.

Dislikes:  For me it was more of the same capabilities that were already on my device.  When memory storage is at a premium, I need to be smart with my downloads.

Likes:  It's already installed on my device and does all that I need it to do.  It's iCloud ready, simple, clean looking and can give me time or location based alerts.

Dislikes:  I am not able to alphabetize my list, which seems to be important to me.  Seeing my list alphabetically just helps me to order my thoughts.  I can rearrange the list to make it alphabetical, but that's just tedious and a waste of time.

Makes me curious:  Socialization meets task completion.  Assign tasks to one person and see when it has been completed.  Great for families with teenagers.

Makes me concerned:  Not sure if I can customize my lists and tasks to my liking.  Can you sense a theme happening here?  Customization is a must!

Makes me curious:  Nice layout of multiple lists and ability to see upcoming tasks together.  Also has some nice icons to identify certain tasks that have alerts by date or location.

Makes me concerned:  This is a lite version of the app, which means that in order to use it to its fullest, you need to buy it.  Great way to test it out if you're going to drop some dough and buy anyway.

With the loads of things to check off our lists, we need a way to organize and tame the madness.  Whether you are a post-it-task-organizer, a write-it-down-in-your-notebook-person, or a techy-to-do-app-get-it-done-gal, taming the task is a high priority for most of us.  When shopping for your perfect app, the best advice I can impart to you is to know how you work and what will work best for you when trying to complete your to do list.  Understanding yourself and your work habits will save much time, heartache and precious memory on your device, and will help you filter out apps with features you don't need.

Do you have a to do app that you are in love with?  Maybe you are curious about an app like me?  Tell me about it!

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