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Operation Clean House: Tying Up Loose Ends

Organizing is therapeutic for many, including myself.  When all the planning, purging, sorting and storing is over and done with, there are only two things that remain {at least for me and my tiny space}.  One is a beautifully organized space {yay!}, and the other are loose ends {boo}.  Oh, the loose ends.  The ones that didn't make the cut, but now need a different home.  In my recent quest to get organized {Operation Clean House}, the lack of space combined with the areas still waiting to be loved on by me has left loose ends scattered all around the house.  Let's have a look shall we?

Hello Loose Ends

The bags that don't have a home upon entering the house end up on this side table leaving a clutter.  It has become the drop zone and it really shouldn't be.

The pop up basket that used to house our son's "loft toys" is now stuck next to the downstairs toy chest...empty and neglected.

The shoe boxes from my recent closet clean out that I have been saving because "I know I can make them pretty" has just been sitting there collecting dust.  Someday, I'll figure out what to do with them, I just haven't gotten around to it yet {famous last words}.

The stuffed animals that used to sit nicely and lovingly together on a spare chair we kept upstairs now sit on our boy's little chairs and get tossed around every which way.

And finally, the purse bin that has been screaming for me to come and rescue it from its old and poorly used ways finally gets pulled out of the master closet waiting patiently for me.  Another loose end of the closet clean out.

What's a girl to do with all these loose ends!?!  Well, I need to reign them in quick before they become their own gigantic messes and Operation Clean House, the Sequel is released.  I do not want that to happen, but sadly, loose ends are a reality in organization and must be addressed.

Going back to basics
The best thing to do when confronted with these scattered loose ends, as in my case, is to go back to the basics of organizing.  Identify the problem, establish a goal and plan of attack, charge ahead {purge, sort, contain}, and then re-evaluate.  The process of tying up loose ends should be much easier than tackling a master closet space, so it's wise to hone them in quickly to avoid anymore scattered mini messes.

Tying 'em up!
Purses and general things are brought into the house and need a home.  In this case, not only did we have to evaluate our space, but also our habits.  We were not using the space we did have for the problem we found ourselves in with an entry drop zone.  I had already created a drop zone for bags and other things so we can come home and take our hats, sweaters and shoes off right away {yes, we are those people}...our newly updated entryway!  We needed to change our habits to now use the space we have updated in the way it was intended.  Part of why we hadn't done that since the update was that I was avoiding the entry closet.  It is super tiny, but super messy {more on that later}.  Here is the before and after of our purse problem.

The solution to the pop up basket problem was something I didn't even think about until, literally,  as I was writing this post.  When we first brought it down, it housed our son's taller toys, but those quickly found themselves haphazardly thrown into the toy chest.  As I continued writing this post, I had my aha moment.  Put the stuffed animals in there!  If it had been a snake, it would have bit me.  The best part about tying up this loose end was that it knocked out two loose ends at once!  Talk about efficiency!

My stack of shoe boxes {sigh}.  They have been a part of that space for far too long and it was time to either do something about them or throw them away.  I took the best of the boxes {which also happen to all match} and decided to use them in my purse purge {that will come next}.  But the best part was not that I finally found a new purpose for the boxes; the best part was that I finally tackled the entryway closet as well!  Bonus!!!  Ding! Ding! Ding!  I took the unused purses and hats from the closet shelf and added them to my sort/purge pile and boxed my handbags and wallets neatly in a box and placed them on the shelf.  The smaller box is for miscellaneous items like my husbands shoe polish.  From there, tackling the use of floor space in the closet was a cinch {being motivated about it helped enormously too}.

Last but not least, the purse purge.  If there is one thing you should know about me, I am a purse and wallet freak, so I have many and I don't like getting rid of any.  I'm a hoarder that way.  Like so many of the other projects I have worked on since day one of this blog, I was in the right frame of mind to finally go through and purge to my heart's content.  I let go of the old stuff, intending to donate them, and boxed up the rest with some of the bigger shoe boxes from the lovely pile.  So now I'm left with two large shoe boxes of purses and one empty storage bin.  I also needed to consider where to put everything, so I utilized the space under our bed for the purse boxes, and used the storage bin to keep some of the seasonal clothes that had been leftover from my closet clean out and placed the bin neatly away in a perfect little corner of the master closet.

Loose ends tied
It's hard to believe how quickly some things, like loose ends, can get out of hand, if we let them.  This is especially true for us since we have a smaller space and things tend to overlap.  In the end, what was accomplished, aside from tying up loose ends, was learning to change our habits after a re-organization so that we're not simply adapting to our mess, but now we get to use the space the way it was intended!  It's in those times that changing your habits is called for, and makes for a much better flow coming into the house.  Where's the gift in that?  Well, what it does for me is make me even happier to be home now that there is a place for everything and everything in its place.  Did I mention I didn't spend any money on this?  Oh yeah, not a penny.  Gift!

Do you have loose ends that you haven't gotten to yet?  Or are you like me and have several piles of loose ends scattered around your house waiting to be tended to?  Maybe you've just tackled your loose ends and are doing the victory dance.  Please share!

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