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Technology and Me: An Introduction to my Tech-Filled Life

With most of my house now organized, and rooms still waiting to be "blog ready", I thought I'd take a moment to talk about another one of my great loves, technology.  I just love how easy it makes my life and how I am able to connect with so many.  Take this blog for instance, without the use of my computer or internet connection, you wouldn't be reading anything!  Gift!  So with that, I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to my tech filled life and how {and why} the gadgets that I have give my life convenience and ingenuity.

Disclaimer:  I am not being swayed by anyone to promote or "endorse" the products below.  This is how I use my own money to use the technology available today meeting my own personal needs.

The Hardware Goods
My laptop is my personal computer gone small, which works well for us since we don't have the money or the space to house a full computer right now.  It takes care of all my computing needs {writing/updating blogs, running reports or working on other projects}.

My iPhone is the single greatest invention that has blessed my life, tech-nically speaking.  My iPhone has replaced my bulky organizer and serves as not only my cell phone, but in a way, my life line to my family and the world around me.  I use my phone for things like my grocery and chore lists, my family's calendar, expense tracking, and so much more!

My iPad is a blessing!  Like many, I wasn't sure what I could use it for at first, but once I got a hold of it, I don't know how I lived without it!  I use my iPad for casual internet browsing, reading news and blogs {who am I kidding, mostly blogs and organizing articles}.  I also use it to create a newsletter for a mom group that I am a part of.

The Software {the muscle behind the machine}
I would never be able to do what I do with these gadgets and gizmos without the right software.  My phone is not the most recent model, but by running the most recent software, it runs like a champ, so I'm not missing much by not having the newest phone on the market.  Applications and programs are the blood that flows through the machines in order to make my life a living dream!  I use many different apps for a multitude of different things.  Today I will cover only the basics of time and to dos.  Here's a look at how I use the gift of software to gain control of my life.

Taming and Sharing Time

If you own a smartphone, you know that apps are the life blood that sends your phone to a whole new level.  That's certainly is true for me.  One of the biggest problems modern American families face today is keeping track of how each person is spending their time and getting everyone on the same page so there's no double booking.  Many families do this by creating large elaborate calendars that take up an entire wall of the house.  I do it by combining my Calendar app with the gift of Apple's iCloud service, taking up a small bit of memory in my ever compact phone.  What iCloud does for our family is allow us to each maintain our own calendar and share it in real time.  I have created several calendars for our family as you can see below {and of course they're color coded}.

And the best part about it is if I don't need {or want} to see certain calendars, I can simply hide them from my view without totally removing them from my phone, so I can access them when I do need them.

Tons of To Dos

Another major function I have in my phone is that I can put all my to do lists in one spot to create clear lines of thought, allowing me to focus on one thing at a time.  Because I'm a female {and a mom}, my brain has a tendency to go from one place to another in the blink of an eye {any other moms relate to that?}.  But going from one thing to another is as simple as pressing a button {or in some cases, double clicking}.  Here's just a sampling of my different lists.

iCloud also works well for reminders and we used to utilize this feature between my hubby and me, but since my to do lists have gotten to be a bit too much for my hubby, we decided to turn off that feature and keep our to dos to ourselves.

Oh Technology, how I heart thee
We only covered two tiny little apps that do a ton of heavy lifting when it comes to organizing time and to dos.  I have a plethora of other apps that help me to do other things like store and access my digital photos, socialize, and manage my finances, so stay tuned for more on how you can use technology in your real life too!  The gift of technology may be burdensome to some when it comes to learning new habits and program applications, but for me, the return you get out of the few simple things like calendar sharing and focused to do lists, much more outweighs the burden of learning something new.  I find it fascinating and give major props to the smarties who think up and build this stuff so my life can be a bit easier and more streamlined.  The gift of life is a journey, and we should always be willing to learn something new {to grow}, especially if it means that it gives us that much more control of how we spend our time {love and serve}.

Are there apps you use that you can't live without?  Or maybe you want to know if there is an app for this or that?  Share or ask away and I'll let you in on my techy secrets!

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