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Operation Clean House: Part 5.1 {Master Closet: Clothes}

The clothes are the essence of the closet.  Cheesy, right?  Well for our closet, the clothes are just half of the closet now!  {Hooray!}

So the last time I left you all with my grand master plan for the closet.
It has shaped up quite nicely if I do say so myself!  Our everyday use clothes are now living on one side of the closet leaving the other half to all things miscellaneous.  It took a lot {and I mean a lot, like 3-4 trash bags full} of purging on my part, some purging on my hubby's behalf {all items I know he wouldn't even miss}, and switching out of hangers.  I don't know how we manage to accumulate so many random hangers, but once all was said and done, everything looks and feels clean once again.

The purge process
This part was easy for me and I felt like I was on an episode of What Not to Wear, but this was the most liberating part of the whole process for me.  Some people look in their closet full of clothes and think "I don't have a thing to wear"; this was precisely my dilemma time and time again, but my husband didn't believe me...why should he with a closet full of clothes taking up what was then "my side" of the closet.  

After I purged everything that was old, damaged or didn't fit, I was left with my bare bones wardrobe, and an interesting thing I discovered in my purging was a flaw in the organization of my clothes.  In my dresser were my underwear, camisoles, t-shirts, jeans, and active wear pants.  In my closet were my everyday going out clothes, pajamas, other active wear shirts and shorts, and some golf outfits.  I had things scattered that really should all go together.  So, I had to rethink my clothes organization.  Now in my dresser, I placed my underwear and camisoles {which I use as undergarments anyway} together in one drawer.  In my dresser drawer, I placed all things I wear around the house, pjs, t-shirts and active pants together.  Now the only clothes that are in the closet are the clothes that I wear out in public.  If I'm not going out, I stick to the clothes in my dresser.  Simple, right?  I love epiphanies!  

Here is what the closet looks like today
My clothes now take up the center portion of the closet using top and bottom shelf units and my dresses share the longer space adjacent to it.  Notice some of the hangers are facing out...those are the "I'm not totally sure I want to purge that yet" pieces.  After a few months, if I haven't worn it, it's out for sure.  It's one way of semi-purging those pieces that you may think you are still attached to.  The baskets on the shelf house His and Hers accessories like scarves, gloves and hats.

My hubster's clothes take up the top rack and shelves and are organized by shirts and polos, golf wear, dress shirts, jackets {light to heavy}, and suits.  Our little man takes up the last portion of the top rack with his cute little dress up suits and jackets.  Because I didn't have all white hangers to unify the space, I did what I could and grouped my hubby's clothes by hanger type.  It's a visual way of helping him see which clothes are where.  It works for us to break up the clothing sections and kept us from having to buy a bunch of white hangers.

The bottom half of the closet now houses our son's clothes in their dresser-ish unit.  When we move and give him his very own room, we'll get him his very own dresser, but for now, this works and didn't cost us anything.  The baskets above the drawers are home to my hubby's basketball shorts, socks, baseball hats, and belts and ties.  I used to keep my hubby's basketball shorts on the upper shelves, but putting his clothes away got very annoying because some of those shorts are super slippery!  Keeping them in a basket tames the slip and slide and also controls our desire to buy more shorts than we need.

What maximizes this space?
In regards to efficiency, my epiphany on clothes placement has made this space even better and made room for the clothes I will only wear out in public.  No more going back and forth between the dresser and the closet to put an outfit together.

In terms of beatifying, my biggest task was clearing out the random hangers and sticking to just a few styles and colors.  It makes the space more pleasing to the eye, and allows my husband to differentiate one section of shirts from another.  He knows just where to go to pick out his best golf outfit and that's a gift!  Using baskets to control harder to fold and slippery pieces adds another layer for the eye to focus on and keeps our spending in check too!  If it doesn't fit in the basket, do we really need it?  If so, then as one goes in, one comes out.

My biggest investment in re-organizing this space was my time.  Not a single penny was spent on this project and we have already reaped the benefits many times over!  Often we feel overwhelmed with an organization project thinking that it will cost a pretty penny to buy containers to get us organized.  More often than not, it really only takes an investment in our time.  Time spent evaluating the current space, time to think about goals for the space, time to plan your attack and so on.  I hope that this project has encouraged you to tackle that eye sore in your home and I hope it does cost you a cent!

Do you have a big closet that is still overcrowded?  Maybe it's time to do a good purge.  It will free you from the "what if" in fashion and your heart will soar once you find there is plenty of space in your closet after all.  Gift yourself the freedom to let go and clean out the old and make room for the essentials.

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