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Operation Clean House: Entryway done!

I can't believe it took me this long to post an update for such a tiny space.  My last entryway post, left little to be desired by my eye.  It was clean, more fuctional, but still lacking a few things.

This is where I started with the space {blank canvas, inefficient use of space and messy}.

Ready my entryway progress here!

Beautifying the space
The entryway has a great little niche that is just the way to make a great first impression of our home.  It is small and simple, so beautifying the space needed to be simple as well.  Because we rent, I wanted to put something there that was simple to take with us and didn't require painting or lots of adhesive, like wall paper.  I lucked out when wandering around The Container Store and stumbled upon a great piece.  Decorative wall panels!  They were cheap {under $10}, easy to install/remove {just nail in the premarked holes}, and beautiful!  Even though this was a fabulous find, I still needed something to unify the space a bit with some of the other colors that were in the space {like the bamboo in the shoe rack and the green of the ottoman}. I accomplished this by taking some frames from the random side table we moved and quickly printed some words that just so happened to match the colors of the space perfectly!  A perfect little plant doesn't hurt either.  Check it out...

Finding Function in the tiniest spaces
Along with this statement piece, I needed a home for all things miscellaneous.  So I picked up a couple of  boxes at IKEA for under $20 and it really finished off the space and maximized the function!  The boxes I picked were a fun shape to break up the rectangles that dominated the space.  Now it houses all our hats, gloves, scarves and other fun little items that can easily clutter the space and drive me nuts!

Ah, now that is finished!
Finally, my low cost organizing project is finished and now we have a place to house our belongings, a nice greeting when we walk through the front door and cozy seating to get ready to head out once again.

My space and my budget were super tiny, but the gift of discovering a great find for a great price did wonders for a space that wasn't much to look at then, but is a my favorite way to enter the house now!  If you are restricted by how much you can do with your space, you'd be surprised what you can find to make a space that isn't completely yours feel like home.

Have you ever found super cheap, super great items that completely changed the look and feel of a space that has been bugging you for a while?  Please comment and share!

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