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Operation Clean House: Part 5 {Master Closet Mess}

It's been a while since my last post, but you better believe I have been a very busy little bee in this mission to clean my house once and for all. Because our home is small, messy overlap often occurs when I start a project. During the holidays, the dump zone ended up being our closet because it was the most spacious and concealed  room in the house. That quickly took a turn for the worst when gifts, shopping bags, gift wrap and the like all ended up piling into my closet.  Since embarking on this mission, I knew the closet was going to have to get cleaned out sometime. That time is today.

For dramatic effect {more like time constraints, but we'll call it drama}, this post is dedicated only to the before. Welcome to my mess as I like to say. Our closet is rather large and each set of double sliding mirror doors is divided on the outside by a wall, but the inside is all one space split up by shelving. Below is a diagram of the before state of our closet.

I have several goals for this closet

  • Purge my side of everything that is damaged, old or not my current size 
  • Consolidate storage boxes into one space of the closet 
  • Create an office nook in what remains of the closet space 

Here's a look at my side of the closet {I apologize in advance}

This was another project I tackled alone, and because of that, I didn't {and couldn't} remove the closet doors, so I cropped and spliced together what I could of each side...you get the idea...mess.  Now, like many, I have kept items that should have been donated long long ago, but never did for fear that I might like it again or it might come back into style or I might fit into it again. All lies and all holding me back from a greater good {order}. I'm telling you, there are some items in there that I have had since I was in high school. I am 10+ years past those days and was finally in a state of mind to accept it and purge the clothes to go to someone who will actually wear and fit them.  What's more therapeutic than that?

Here is my hubby's side of the closet

He has some purging of his own to do, but what was most frustrating for him {and me} was that his everyday clothes and his golf wear were all mixed together, and when it came time to put something on, he couldn't find what he was looking for in the mix up. It was fine to have them all organized by polos, but for this man, all polos were not created equal and the order needed to reflect that. On the floor of his side are some storage boxes full of our memorabilia from his childhood, my childhood, our dating journey, and a small box started for our son.

The middle portion behind the wall is where we squeezed in our storage boxes. It houses items like office supplies we don't have room for, a bin full of my old purses, and my son's clothes. All his clothes. Those that he wears now, those that are too small, and those that have been given to him to wear later. I am the proud recipient of hand me downs and as of today, he has clothes up to 5T! I don't mind having them, what I do mind is not having a clean system to keep track of them.

So that is my current mess. But, there is a wonderful plan to get it ship shape! Enter the diagram to get me to happily ever after.

As you can see, I plan to consolidate all storage to one corner of the closet and fit the office nook beside it. That leaves the entire second half of the closet for all our clothes {his, hers and baby's}. Putting all our clothes on one side of the closet also brings them closer to our dresser where more clothes live, making all things dress up living in one side of the room so we don't have to go walking back and forth across the room. It's a steep proposition, but I have full confidence that it is achievable and will meet every goal I have set out for the space.

Stay tuned for updates on this massive project. If you think about it, it's really several projects wrapped up into one {organizing closet space, organizing storage space, creating a child's hand me down system, and building an office nook}! Talk about multitasking! That's a gift that keeps on giving.

How are your spaces? Is there a space in your home that you are thinking could pull double duty when it comes to functionality? I'd love to hear about it!

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