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Operation Clean House: Part 1 {The Briefing}

The Background
Like all good operations, I needed a plan of attack. This post is just that {and filled with the before shots I mentioned in my last post}. To give you some perspective of what I have to work with, I will tell you a little bit about our house. We live in small two-story townhouse/apartment with one bedroom and one and a half bathrooms. Our main level consists of an entryway, kitchen, dining/living room, private courtyard and detached garage. The upper level consists of a laundry room {more like closet}, loft {currently our family room, but will soon be a playroom}, and the master bedroom & bathroom. For a one bedroom unit, the place is laid out quite nicely so we feel like we have all the room we need. My goal is to use the space as efficiently as possible. Another caviat to the space is that we are renting and are not able {or willing} to entirely change the spaces with paint and the like since this is a temporary house for us. But while we are here, I want to make it a home and care for it as best I can. So enough with the "blah, blah, blah"! I bet you are curious as to what kind of a mess I find myself in, right?

Disclaimer: Some spaces are worse than others and my definition of messy may or may not be your definition of messy, but for the purposes of Operation Clean House, for now my mess is your mess. Fill in your own mess where necessary to help yourself think about ways you can de-clutter or better organizer your own spaces.

The Target{s}
The Entryway
As you enter our little nook of a house you will see a blank canvas of a niche, shoes and a stroller blocking an entry closet of tiniest proportions {it's literally 3' x 2'}.

  • Objectives:
    • Create seating & storage for accessories {hats, scarves, gloves, etc.}
    • Hide shoes
    • Make the entry closet useful
    • Find a better home for the stroller

The Kitchen
From the entryway, the house opens up to a kitchen on one side and the powder room to the other.  A narrow, but cozy arrangement that works fine for us for the time being.
  • Objectives:
    • De-clutter the "command center/catch all" area
    • Clear up counter space
    • Organize pantry

The Kitchen Pet Peeves
While lingering in the kitchen, it doesn't take long for one to see how little the space is, but at the same time, there is some elbow room to work with.  These areas are my biggest irritations when working in the kitchen: the spice cabinet, pantry and fridge {sadly, the most frequently used spaces of the kitchen}.
  • Objectives:
    • Use cabinet space more efficiently
    • Organize fridge
    • Organize pantry {I know I said this already, but this one is a pain in my ____}

The Dining Room
Slide past the cluttery kitchen to find the cluttery dining room table complete with hanging jackets on the chair and some mail and art projects just lounging around.
  • Objectives:
    • Clear the dining table
    • Find a better home for the jackets and coats
    • Accent the space with wall decor
    • Eliminate the random side table in the corner

The Living/Play Room
Two more giant steps will take you to the living/play room where the only people who would feel welcome here are toddlers and maybe 4 adults.

  • Objectives:
    • Turn the space into a living room only
    • Repurpose play area to become entertainment area
    • House the random side table in entertainment area

The Laundry Room/Closet
Up the stairs you go to find the closet that is home to the washer and dryer with basket of laundry waiting to be folded {it waits there a long time sometimes}.
  • Objectives:
    • Tidy up the shelf storage and make it pretty and inviting
The Loft
A quick pivot and you are in the loft-soon-to-be-playroom where all that you see here will replace all the toys downstairs.
  • Objectives:
    • Repurpose space from family room to play room
    • Create lots of storage for toys
    • Zone the space into working areas {reading, art, pretend play, etc.}
That's it, our meager living quarters! So the mission {if I choose to accept it} is to make the house more organized and create space in a small unit.  As I tackle each of these spaces one at a time, say a prayer for me will ya!?!

Do you have space{s} in your home that you've been meaning to organize?  What are they?  I would love to hear what your current and future projects are.  I took a big step exposing my home and clutter to you all, so please, no judging!  But that's precisely the point of this blog.  I didn't want to just show magazine quality rooms because people don't live in those spaces!  People live in clutter and disorganization {even if only sometimes}.  But as the saying goes, "when you've hit rock bottom, there is no where else to go but up".  Let's get up together and claim victory over Operation Clean House. 

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